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Finals Weekend

Can I start off by saying a big thanks to all of you that were able to support the Finals Weekend last weekend. It was great to see so many of you there and just helps to highlight what a great club and members that we have. Thanks also to Mark, Kim & Alan for the BBQ on Sunday which went down very well with all those that attended. Thanks to those of you that gave up your time to mark/umpire over the weekend as the games wouldn’t have been possible without you. The matches started Friday evening with the Open Singles between Teresa Newman & Roger Crick and this started as a close game with the scores level at 5-5 after 7 ends however Roger then won the next 3 ends to take a 10-5 lead and despite dropping 2 shots on the next end he went on to win 21-8. On Saturday morning Pete Coyne & Mark Newman played Dan Livett and Roger Crick in the Men’s Pairs and this was a great game which was level at 11-11 after 16 ends when Pete & Mark then picked up 4 shots and won the next 3 ends to win the match 20-11. At the same time the Men’s Triples was also being played between Andrew MacKenzie, Matthew Crick & Gerry Moores against Kishore Seegoolam, Rob Stanbury & Eddie Chanell. This was another great game and although Gerry’s team took a 10-4 lead the game was far from over and the teams were trading ends until Andrew, Matthew & Gerry picked up a 4 to take an 18-11 lead with 2 ends to go and the match finished in a 19-15 win. Following these 2 games June Redding & Steve McNeill dominated the Colchester Memorial final against Norman Bonham & Roger Crick. With 10 points available each end in this fixed jack competition June & Steve won the game after just 14 ends 91-49. The afternoon then started with the 2 Two Wood finals with Anne Farmer playing Jan Moores and it was Anne that took the lead in this game from the start and was never behind winning 16-11. In the Men’s final Roger Crick played Gerry Moores and Roger found himself 9-1 ahead after 8 ends and despite a comeback from Gerry which saw him reduce the deficit to 10-8 after 14 ends it was Roger that then regained control winning 15-9. The Ken Vincent Trophy was next in the schedule and this saw Matthew Crick & Eddie Chanell play Inger McNeill & Brian Abigail. This too was a great final and after 10 ends there was just 1 shot in it with Matthew & Eddie in the lead. They then went on to pick up 8 shots over the next 4 ends and from there Brian & Inger were always fighting to get back in to the game, eventually losing 20-11. The last game of the day on Saturday saw Roger play his 4th match in the day in the Mixed Singles League Final against Mark Newman. This too was a great game with Roger taking the early 5-2 lead after 5 ends however Mark then won 8 of the next 13 ends to go 14-12 ahead. Roger then picked up 8 shots over the next 3 ends to go 20-14 ahead and despite losing the next 2 ends he managed to pick up the final shot required to win 21-16.

Sunday morning started with the Mixed Triples which provided another entertaining and close game. Dave Edwards, Anne Farmer & Eddie Chanell were up against Pete Coyne, Kim Challinor & Roger Crick and it was Dave, Anne & Eddie that had the best of the early game winning 8 of the first 13 ends, leading 8-5 however Pete, Kim & Roger then picked up 6 shots over the next 2 ends to go 11-8 ahead, they then dropped 2 shots on the next end before picking up 7 over the 16th & 17th ends to take an 18-10 lead in to the final end, which they dropped 2 shots on to win the match 18-12.  Also on Sunday morning both the Men’s & Ladies handicap singles matches were played. Alan King made full use of his +2 handicap against Mark Newman, -4, and he took control of the game from the start playing some excellent bowls to go 18-2 ahead and despite Mark winning the next 4 ends Alan then picked up the 3 shots he needed to win the match. In the Ladies match Teresa Newman was playing Jan Moores and with Teresa giving Jan 2 shots from the start of the game Teresa knew she had to start well, which she did winning the first 2 ends to get the scores back level. She then took control of the game and won 23-9. The afternoon was started with the Open Handicap Singles match between Roger Crick & Keith Harper and with both players starting with the same handicap this was to be a straight race to 21 for both players. Roger got off to a great start going 9-0 ahead after just 4 ends however 4 ends later it was Keith that was 10-9 ahead. This seemed to spur Roger on and then only lost 2 more ends in a 22-15 win after 15 ends. In the Ladies Pairs Teresa Newman & Ann Ramsay were playing June Redding & Anne Farmer and despite a close start Teresa & Ann then won 11 ends in a row to go 19-2 ahead after 15 ends. June & Anne then pulled back 6 shots over the next 3 ends however they then dropped 3 shots on the next end and were 22-8 behind with 2 ends to play, picking up 2 on the 20th end the teams shook hands with Teresa & Ann winning 22-10. The final games of the weekend were the Novice, Ladies & Men’s Singles and these were great games to finish the weekend. In the Novices final Rob Stanbury played Alan King and Alan took the early lead going 12-3 ahead after 11 ends however Rob then managed to get himself in to the game winning 13 of the next 15 ends to go 20-16 ahead. Alan then picked up 3 shots and the following end saw some great woods from both bowlers with Alan landing his wood on the jack only for Rob to come in and get shot back, the same happened again with the next 2 woods however Rob managed to get the all important shot on the 28th end to win 21-19. In the Ladies singles last year’s winner Carol Crick was slow to get started against Ellen Livet and was 12-4 down after 8 ends and from there she struggled to get back in to the game despite both bowlers playing some great woods and Ellen won 21-15 to earn her place in next season’s Champion of Champions competition where she will represent Hazells. In the Men’s singles final Roger Crick was playing against Steve McNeill and this started as a close game and the scores were level at 6-6 after 9 ends however Roger then took control of the game and despite losing 10 of the 23 ends played he only dropped more than 1 shot an end once and won the match 22-11 to take his place in next season’s Champion of Champions competition. This win meant that Roger won 6 of the 8 finals he played over the weekend adding to the Jubilee Shield win earlier in the season giving him 7 wins during the season.

28th May 2017 - Colchester Memorial Trophy - Group Winners - Norman Bonham & Roger Crick and June Redding & Steve McNeill

3rd June 2017 - American Tournament

Despite a disappointing turnout for this year’s American Tournament the 20 bowlers that did take part had an enjoyable afternoon. With each game played at pairs format and their team and playing position drawn before each game we played 5 games of 5 ends. Andrew & Inger got their afternoon off to a great start picking up 13 shots each from their first 5 ends, whilst at the other end of the table there were a number of bowlers only picking up a single shot in that game. As the hot afternoon progressed there were some great ends of bowls and Inger and Mark picked up a further 12 shots in the 3rd game. Despite only picking up a single shot in the 4th game Inger managed to hold on and won the afternoon with 39 shots from 25 ends, with Mark finishing runner up with 35. Well done Inger for becoming this season’s first competition winner.

25th June 2017 - Mens Triples Preliminary Round

Due to the success of the Men's Top Club team many of the bowlers in that team will be unable to get back to Hazells to play the Men's Triples Competition. In order to ensure that we have an even competition and do not penalize those members of the Top Club team the outstanding games will now be played on 13th August 10am..

8th July 2017 - Mixed Triples - Quarter Final - Despite the draw having been made at the start of the season we found that we needed to bring in 5 substitutes to ensure that all matches could be played. Len Tuffs, June Redding & Brian Abigail played Ann Richardson, Matthew Crick & Mark Newman and it was the latter that had the best of this game winning 23-6. Pete Coyne, Kim Challinor & Roger Crick had a tough fight on their hands against Dan Livett, John Simmons & Inger McNeil. Inger’s team were leading this game up to the 13th end however they then dropped 3 shots to go 10-9 behind and going in to the last end Kim, Pete and Roger were 12-11 ahead and they managed to pick up 1 shot on the last end to progress to the next round. Rob Stanbury, Gerry Moores & Carol Crick were behind for the 1st half of their game against Ellen Livett, Norman Bonham & Steve McNeill however they then managed to up their game and pushed on to win 22-10. In the final game Dave Edwards, Anne Farmer & George Murdoch had the better of their game against Ann Ramsay, Dave Wheeler and John Smith, winning 21-13.

15th July 2017 - Jubilee Shield - This afternoon 24 of our members turned up to play in this year’s Jubilee Shield and with the teams split in to 2 groups with the winners of each group playing in the final there were some great games to watch. In Group A Jack Pipe, June Redding & Keith Harper topped their group with 20 points, 2 ahead of Sheila Lawlor, Ellen Livett & Steve McNeill. Group B was just as close with Andrew MacKenzie, Kishore Seegoolam & Norman Handley playing Karen Seegoolam, Ann Ramsay & Roger Crick in the last group game and Andrew, Kishore & Norman were winning the group and knew that a draw would be enough to see them through, However the group points score was level at 19 – 19 going in to the last end of the game and so both teams knew that winning the end would put them through to the final. Ann Ramsay was holding shot until Norman bowled his 2nd wood and got in to take the shot back and with his last wood left to bowl Roger picked up the jack and took in to the ditch to secure the win and a place in the final. The final was also played over 7 ends and Jack, June & Keith picked up 3 shots on the 1st end however Karen, Ann & Roger won the next 3 to go 4 – 3 ahead. Jack, June & Keith then picked up 2 shots to go in to the last end a shot ahead however it was Karen, Ann & Roger that went on to win the match, picking up 3 shots on the last end to win 7 – 5.

22nd July 2017 - Mixed Triples -  Semi Final 2.30pm

This afternoon we held the semi finals of this years Mixed Triples competition and both games were very tight, as you would expect at this stage of a competition. Barbara Ramsay, standing in for Sheila Lawlor, Matthew Crick & Mark Newman got off to a slow start against Dave Edwards, Anne Farmer & Eddie Chanell going 12-3 behind after 7 ends however they then got back in to the game and by the 16th end they were a shot ahead, 18-17. Dave, Anne & Eddie then picked up the shot on the 17th to go in to the last end with scores tied. Barbara, Matthew and Mark were then holding 3 shots with just a wood left each and Eddie played his wood on to Anne’s, pushing her in for shot and giving Mark a virtually impossible shot to take out shot bowl and win the match for his team. He was unable to make use of his last wood meaning that Dave, Anne & Eddie have reached the final.
In the other game there were some family rivalries adding in to the mix with Carol & Roger Crick against each other and then Pete Coyne & Rob Stanbury were also on opposite sides. This was to be a close game during which Andrew MacKenzie, Rob Stanbury & Carol Crick got themselves in to a 14-7 lead after 10 ends however Kim Challinor, Pete Coyne and Roger Crick were determined to make a game of it and they then picked up 8 shots over the next 4 ends meaning the scores were tied at 16-16 with 2 ends to play. Despite some great woods from both sides it was Kim, Pete & Roger that won the last 2 ends to earn their place in the final to be played during finals weekend.

16th September 2017 - Aussie Pairs

This afternoon we held our annual Aussie Pairs competition and despite a disappointing turnout we did have 12 entries meaning that with 6 pairs each team played 5 games of 5 ends. Brian & Andrew struggled this afternoon losing 4 games and drawing 1, finishing with just 10 points. Kishore & Neil started well winning 6-5 against Brian & Andrew before losing their next 2 games. They won their 4th before losing the last game and they ended up with 19 points. In 4th place were Mark & Ellen who also won their first game before losing the next 2 games. Despite winning their last 2 matches they ended up with 20 points. In 3rd place were Kim & Carol who won their 1st game 10-1, followed by the 2nd game 7-1. They then drew their next game before losing their last 2, finishing with 21 points. Runners Up were Karen & Roger who won 3 games and lost 2 and finished with 24 points. This years winners with 25 points were Norman Handley & Dan Livett who came back well after losing their 1st game 10-1 to then win their other 4 games.

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