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8th May 2019 - 6pm - Waddesdon - Lost 63-53 (13-1)

Following the win against Waddesdon in the 2 Fours at the weekend we went in to tonight’s game confident that we could build on that success however unfortunately it was not to be our night. Daniel Watkins, Eddie Chanell & Andy Watkins had a tough night at home against a very strong team and despite winning 9 ends each they never managed to pick up more than a single shot from any of them and lost 16-9 on their rink. Matthew Crick, Pete Coyne & Roger Crick struggled throughout their game and were never able to get in front although they too won 9 ends each and going in to the last end they were 4 down but holding 5 shots with just 2 woods to come and unfortunately we were only able to pick up 2 shots, losing 14-12. In the away games Ian Ramsay, David Logan & Paul Rogers got off to a great start going 6-0 up after 3 ends and they remained in the lead until they dropped 8 shots in 2 ends and went in to the last end 16-16 and unfortunately dropped a shot on the last to lose 17-16. Our only point of the game came from Sid Brotherston, Rob Stanbury & Mark Newman who played out a tight game throughout and were 6-6 after 10 ends and then dropped 9 shots over the next 4 ends however they then picked up 10 shots themselves from the next 3 ends, only to drop a shot on the last end to finish 16-16.

15th May 2019 - 6pm - Hazells v Cheddington – Won 12 – 2 (95-55)

Following our defeat last week to Waddesdon it was important to bounce back tonight and ensure we got back to winning ways against Cheddington. Pete Coyne, Steve McNeill & Roger Crick won 8 of the first 9 ends to take a 17-2 lead and although they dropped 2 4’s later in the game they managed to earn a 27-12 win. Daniel Watkins, Eddie Chanell & Andy Watkins got off to a disappointing start dropping a 5 on the first end followed by another 3 shots on the next 2 ends, We then picked up 14 shots from the next 4 ends to take the lead however we then dropped 13 shots over the next 6 ends and despite getting back to 21-18 down we lost 24-20. At home Ron Stanbury, Keith Harper & Mark Newman’s game was level at 5-5 after 5 ends however we won the next 5 ends to go 15-5 ahead and from there the win was never in doubt as we went on to win 22-12. On the other rink Ian Ramsay, David Logan & Paul Rogers also had a comfortable win, losing just 5 ends during their 26-6 win

29th May 2019 - 6pm - Wendover

5th June 2019 - 6pm - Long Crendon

12th June 2019 - 6pm - Aylesbury Town


13th May 2019 - 6pm - Aylesbury Town - Home - Won - 9 - 1 (97 - 71)

This evening we started our Mid Bucks League campaign with a home tie agains Aylesbury Town. Josh Henley, Steve McNeill & Roger Crick had a tough evening, only winning 4 of the 1st 15 ends although they were holding 5 on 2 ends only for the opposition skip to pick up the shot with each of his last woods on those ends. We managed to make the score more respectable by picking up 8 shots over the last 3 ends although they lost 18-16. Gerry Moores, Eddie Chanell & Paul Rogers picked up a 5 on the first end and from there they controlled the game, winning 20-10. Denzil Ashcroft, Keith Harper & Mark Newman raced to a 13-3 lead and although the visitors started to fightback we held on for a 16-14 win. Rob Stanbury, Pete Coyne & Andy Watkins dropped a 3on the first end however by the 6th end they were 10-5 ahead and they then won 4 ends in a row, picking up 10 shots in the process and finished winning 21-17. Ian Ramsay, Ashley Dean & George Murdoch completed the win courtesy of their comfortable 24-12 win.

22nd May 2019 - 6pm - Hazells v Cheddington – Lost 5 ½ to 4 ½ (Score level at 83 -83)

Following Sunday’s disappointment at Cheddington in the Top Club we were looking to bounce back at home to Cheddington in the Mid Bucks League however this was to be another disappointing evening as we drew the game but only won 2 of the 5 rinks and so lost on points. Ashley Dean, Pete Coyne & Steve McNeill got off to a slow start going 7-2 down after 5 ends however they then picked up 11 shots from the next 4 ends and despite losing the next 5 ends they managed to hold on for a 19-16 win. Josh Henley, Keith Harper & Andy Watkins had a similarly slow start and despite dropping a 5 on the 4th end they picked up a 5 themselves the next end and then went on to win 23-17. Rob Stanbury, Eddie Chanell & George Murdoch started well in their game however they dropped a 5 on the 16th end and lost 18-14. Sid Brotherston, Ian Ramsay & David Logan had a tough evening and were behind throughout the game and lost 15-11. Gerry Moores, Denzil Ashcroft & Paul Rogers struggled in their game however they picked up a 6 on the 10th end to take a 9-8 lead and by the 17th end we were 16-14 ahead however we then dropped a 3 to lose on the rink and just earn a draw in the match.

3rd June 2019 - 6pm - Long Crendon - Away

14th June 2019 - 6pm - Aston Clinton - Away

19th July - 2019 - 6pm - Princes Risborough - Home

23rd July 2019 - 6pm - Waddesdon - Home


Challenge Shield - 28th April 2019 10am - Herts B - 1 Rink at Home and 1 Away - Lost 39-36

Gold Badge - Singles - Barton le Clay - Away - By 10th June

Lonsdale Trophy - Singles - Home - Chesham - 6th June 6pm - Roger Crick v A Ware

Pairs - Home - Woburn Sands - By 20th May

Triples - Home - Gerrards Cross - By 10th June

Fours - Newport Pagnall - Away - By 10th June


Top Club

Hazells A v Waddesdon - Home - Thursday 30th May 2019 6pm

Hazells A v Cheddington - Away - Sunday 19th May 2019 10am - Lost 3-2


Hazells A v Waddesdon - Round 1- Sunday 5th May 2019 - Won 46 - 22

Hazells A v Aylesbury Town - Round 2 - Monday 20th May - Won 50 - 38

Hazells B v Newport Pagnall or Wolverton - Away - Awaiting Opponent and Date


7th September 2019 - 2.30pm - Houghton Regis - Away

18th September 2019 - 2.30pm - Aylesbury Town  - Home

5th October 2019 - 2.30pm - Houghton Regis Home

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