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Green Starring

The County Starring committee visited the club on Friday 27th April and we have achieved a full starring this year so thanks to all those who have worked hard to make this possible

Match Reports

20th May 2018  - Hazells v Linslade – Mixed Friendly – Won – 91 - 54 

This afternoon we welcomed 4 triples from Linslade and had several bowlers playing their 2nd game of the day after the morning competitions. That earlier “practice” certainly seemed to help David Logan and Steve McNeill who, with the help of Sid Brotherston, started their match off by achieving a Hot Shot. From such a great start this game was never in doubt and they went on to win 26-15. Michelle Higgs, Ashley Dean and Brian Abigail were involved in a much closer game and were 12-10 down after 11 ends however they then won the next 5 ends and despite dropping 2 shots on the last end they held on for a 16-14 win. Highest winning rink of the afternoon went to Andrew MacKenzie, Gerry Moores & Paul Rogers who won 1 ends in their 23-10 win. Denzil Ashcroft, Rob Stanbury & Alan King went 5-1 ahead after 3 ends and then dropped 5 shots on each of the next 2 ends however this seemed to kick start their game and they only lost 4 more ends in a game they won 26-15.

19th May 2018 – Hazells v Aylesbury Town – Mixed Friendly – Away – Won 103 - 96

This afternoon we made the short trip to Aylesbury Town for a 6 Triples friendly. Anne Farmer, Andrew MacKenzie & Paul Rogers got off to a slow start and were 10-4 down after 6 ends however they fought back to get within a shot by the 11th end however they just couldn’t get ahead and lost 19-16. Sheila Lawlor, Denzil Ashcroft & Andy Watkins started well and were 12-10 ahead after 9 ends however they only won 2 more ends in the game, losing 21-15. Highest winning rink went to Teresa Newman, Josh Henly & Ann Richardson who won 23-9. Judy Rogers, Rod Bacon & Mark Newman found themselves 8-2 down after 5 ends however 5 ends later they were 10-9 ahead and went on to win 21-17. June Redding, Roy Richardson & Roger Crick played out a close game and with the scores level at 8-8 we then picked up a 5 to take the lead and managed to hold on for a 16-14 win. Ann Ramsay, Daniel Watkins & Matthew Crick struggled in their game going behind from the start and despite getting to within a shot by the 13th end they lost 16-12.

13th May 2018 – Club Two Wood Day

This season was the 1st season for a Two Wood Day which saw both the Mens & Ladies rounds played on the same day, up to the semi-finals. This turned out to be a successful & enjoyable for all those taking part and there were some excellent games for those that came along to support. With the 1st games starting at 9.30 Kim won 16-9 against Ann Richardson to set up a quarter final against Anne Farmer who won 16-12 against Carol Chanell. Keith got off to a great start against Ian, picking up 7 shots in the first 5 ends and he went to win 16-9. Fred dominated his game against Steve, winning 15-4 to set up a quarter final against Pete Coyne, who played out a close game against Dave Edwards, winning 16-12. Rob Stanbury won 4 of the first 5 ends against Roger Crick to take a 6-2 lead however Roger then won the next 7 ends to take a 10-6 lead and he went on to win 16-9. Ellen Livett earnt her quarter final place against June courtesy of her 15-3 win against Michelle Higgs. June Redding was 16-4 ahead against Sheila Lawlor after 13 ends however a fantastic fight back from Sheila saw her win the last 8 ends however she ended up 1 shot behind losing 16-15. In the semi-finals Anne Farmer played out a close game with Kim until she picked up 7 shots in 4 ends to 14-6 ahead, with the game finishing 14-10. Booking her place in the final against Anne was Ellen who needed just 16 ends to get passed June with 1 17-5 win. In the Mens competition Eddie just edged his game with Paul Rogers, winning 16-13. Surprise result of the round saw Dan Livett beat Gerry Moores 16-13 to set up a quarter final against Eddie. Matthew Crick eased past Alan King 16-5 to set up a quarter final against Keith Harper. Dan couldn’t repeat his exploits from the previous round, losing 16-2 against Eddie. Matthew took the early lead against Keith and with 2 ends to go he was 16-12 ahead however not giving up Keith then picked up the next 4 shots to force an extra end which Matthew held his nerve to win 17-16. Fred booked his semi-final place with a 18-8 win against Pete Coyne. In the Semi Finals Roger won the 1st 6 ends against Fred to take an 8-0 lead and he only lost 4 ends on his way to a 15-4 win. In the other Semi-Final Matthew won the 1st 2 ends however Eddie then got in to the game and after 17 ends he was 14-8 ahead. Matthew then fought back well picking up 6 shots in the last 4 ends to force his 2nd extra end of the day. Matthew again held his nerve picking up the shot that sets up a “family” final where Roger will play Matthew.

12th May 2018 – Kitcheners v Hazells – Mixed Friendly – Away – Won 77–57

This afternoon you would have thought we had gone back in time to winter on a cold and wet afternoon. Despite the weather we were given a warm welcome and played an enjoyable game where we were looking to follow on from our 4 shot win the home game a couple of weeks ago. Andrew MacKenzie, Kim Challinor 7 Paul Rogers lost the first 3 ends however they then started to come to terms with the conditions and won 8 of the next 10 ends to go 14-6 ahead on their way to a 20-8 win. Sheila Lawlor, Ellen Livett & Rod Bacon also controlled their game from the start, losing just 5 ends in their 16-8 win. Teresa Newman, Sid Brotherston & Mark Newman won the 1st 2 ends however the hosts then won the next 9 ends to take a 12-2 lead which they further increased to win 16-10. Barbara Ramsay, Matthew Crick & Eddie Chanell never really got in to their game losing 9 of the 1st 10 ends and they only played 16 ends due ot the weather however they were losing 20-9 at the time. Despite dropping a shot on the 1st end Dan Livett, Ian Ramsay & Roger Crick went on to take highest winning rink today with a 22-5 win.

8th May 2018 – Hazells v Wingrave – Mixed Friendly – Home – Won 105 - 65

This evening we welcomed Wingrave to our club for a 5 triples friendly. Josh Henley, Denise Boult & Paul Rogers got us off to a great start with a 20-10 win. Barbara Ramsay, Anne Farmer & Ann Richardson played well in their game winning 7 of the opening 8 ends to take a 14-3 lead and although they continued to control the game they did still drop a 4 & 5 on their way to a 23-16 win. Teresa Newman, Norman Bonham & Andrew MacKenzie started well in their game going 5-1 ahead after 4 ends however the visitors then got in to the game and we only won a further 3 ends, losing 19-9. Gary West, Ian Ramsay & Mark Newman were involved in a close game for the first 12 ends at which point the scores were level at 12-12 however we then picked up 13 shots over the next 4 ends and went on to win 26-13. In the final game Paul Warner, Alan King & Andy Watkins put in a highest winning rink performance and when they picked up a 5 on the 6th end they only lost 3 more ends on their way to an impressive 27-7 win.

6th May 2018 – Hazells v Cheddington – Mixed Friendly – Home – Won – 122-77

Following yesterday’s narrow defeat we were looking to bounce back against Cheddington and that was achieved with some style as we won on all 6 rinks. Ellen Livett, Ian Ramsay and Steve McNeill were involved in a close game and after 16 ends the scores were level at 12-12 however they then picked up a 6 and won the game 19-12. Anne Farmer, Daniel Watkins & Paul Rogers game was equally as close and they were 10-9 down after 13 ends but managed to finish the stronger picking up 7 shots in the last 5 ends to win 17-11. Teresa Newman, Judy Rogers & Mark Newman lost the first 3 ends but then picked up a 7 to go 7-6 ahead. They then lost the next 3 ends before picking up another 5 and although they then lost the next 2 ends to go 16-12 down after 10 ends they then got hold of the match winning 7 of the remaining 8 ends to win 27-17. Karen Seegoolam, Sid Brotherston & Andy Watkins shared the ends with Cheddington winning 9 each however we came out on top, 19-13. Dan Livett, Gerry Moores & Keith Harper were involved in a close game and despite being ahead throughout the game the final score was a 13-12 win for Hazells. Sheila Lawlor, Geoff Knott & Eddie Chanell took highest winning rink this afternoon courtesy of their 27-12 and the narrowly missed out on a Hot Shot as they picked up an 8 on the last end. We won’t ask them whose wood didn’t count ?

5th May 2018 – Chalfont St Giles v Hazells – Mixed Friendly – Away – Lost 97-96

On a very hot afternoon we played out a very close match on a very tricky green. Maureen Warwick, Ellen Livett & Paul Rogers picked up a 5 on their first end however they then lost the next 5 ends and soon found themselves 10-8 behind. We then went on to finish the game as we had started, winning 20-11. Paul Warner, Sid Brotherston & Rob Stanbury found themselves 6-0 down after 2 ends and despite a run of 5 winning ends in a row they were unable to win their game, losing 23-14. Kath Cowan, Josh Henley & Steve McNeill were behind throughout their game however going in to the last end they were 4 shots behind however they managed to pick up a 4 on the last end to earn a hard fought draw. Matthew, Carol & Roger took the lead in their game from the first end and never gave it up and although they only won 8 of the 18 ends they won 16-15. Norman Bonham, Roy Richardson & Andrew MacKenzie played out a close game with the lead swapping sides throughout the game and with 2 ends to go we were a shot ahead however we then lost the next 2 ends to lose 19-16. Dan Livett, Rod Bacon & Ann Richardson were also involved in a close game and they too took the lead from the start and managed to stay in front going into the last end 15-12 up they then dropped a 2 to hold on for a 15-14 win.

3rd May 2018 – Hazells v Stony Stratford – Mixed Friendly – Home – Lost 94 – 63

This afternoon we welcomed Stony Stratford for what is usually a competitive game. Unfortunately this afternoon it was our visitors that came out on top. Geoff Knott, Sid Brotherston & Gerry Moores went behind from the start of their game and although they kept it close through the first half of the game it was the visitors that won 16-8. Sheila Lawlor, Ellen Livett & George Murdoch started as a close game and then we picked up a 5 only to drop 5 the next end and this seemed to be the encouragement that Stony needed as they went on to win 19-14. Anne Farmer, Andrew MacKenzie & Brian Abigail took the early lead in their game and a run of winning 5 ends in a row took them 17-6 ahead with 5 ends to go however they didn’t win another end but still managed to hold on for a 17-13 win. Pat Martin, Jack Pipe & Fred Baldwin had the toughest afternoon winning just 3 ends in a rather 1 sided game which we lost 37-3. Kath Cowan, Rob Whetter & Eddie Chanell managed to restore some pride taking the lead from the start and only lost 5 ends on their way to a 21-9 win.

29th April 2018 – Hazells v Kitcheners – Mixed Friendly – Home – Won 102-98

This afternoon we welcomed Kitcheners for the 1st of 2 close fixtures, with the return game being played this coming weekend. Teresa Newman, Andrew MacKenzie & Andy Watkins got off to a great start taking a 9-0 lead after the 1st 5 ends and from there they controlled the game throughout, winning 18-15. Kim Challinor, David Logan & Mark Newman also got off to a good start winning the 1st 4 ends to take a 7-0 lead and they never lost the lead despite dropping a 4 & 5, with the game finishing 18-16. Carol Chanell, Rob Stanbury & Steve McNeill struggled this afternoon winning just 6 ends during their 23-11 defeat. Maureen Warwick, Daniel Watkins & Paul Rogers played out a close game during the first 12 ends, at which time the scores were level at 11-11 however we then pushed on to win 23-12. Norman Bonham, Gerry Moores & Eddie Chanell came from behind in their game to win 16-11.  Ellen Livett, Ian Ramsay & Keith Harper only won 7 ends during their game however that did include a 5 & 6 but they lost 21-16.

26th April 2018 – Hazells v Dunstable – Mixed Friendly – Away – Lost 80-69

This afternoon we travelled to Dunstable for our first midweek friendly in the hope of following on from Sundays win against Flackwell Heath. Gary West, Roy Richardson & Anne Farmer took the early lead in their game and were 11-5 ahead after 11 ends however it was at this point that the game turned as we dropped 13 shots over the next 4 ends and finished up losing 21-13. Ernie Able, Dave Edwards & Andrew MacKenzie were behind for most of their game and despite winning 8 ends they lost 17-11. Kath Cowan, Geoff Knott & George Murdoch started slowly in their game and were behind for the entire game although had they had an extra end they could have snatched the win, coming back from 16-4 down after 15 ends to finish just 1 shot behind at 16-15.Pat Martin, Jack Pipe & Fred Baldwin started well in their game going 5-1 ahead after 3 ends and from there they never lost the lead although the scores were level at 12-12 after 15 ends although we managed to hold on for a 15-14 win. In the final game Terry Root, Sid Brotherston & Gerry Moores took a while to get in to the game and were 8-4 behind at the halfway stage however they then started to find the green and fought back well to earn a 15-12 win

Sunday 22nd April – Hazells v Flackwell Heath – Friendly – Won 148–58

What a great start to this seasons fixtures on a lovely sunny afternoon. It was great to see some new faces playing for us this afternoon and we hope they enjoyed playing for us as much as we enjoyed their company. I am sure this is the start of another great season for the club and as we continue to grow our membership the Hazells family grows. In terms of this afternoon’s game goes there were some stand out results with Carol Crick, Denzil Ashcroft & Andy Watkins winning their first 10 ends, taking a 20-0 lead and from there they only lost 2 ends finishing up with a 30-3 win. Judy Rogers, Ian Ramsay & Mark Newman dropped 4 shots over the first 2 ends however that just gave them the kick start they needed, as they won the next 5 ends to take a 17-4 lead, picking up 7 shots on just 1 end. They went on to win 30-10. Teresa Newman, Josh Henly & Eddie Chanell got off to a bad start dropping 7 shots in the first 2 ends however by the half way stage they were just 10-7 behind and they then went on to win the last 9 ends, earning a 23-10 win.Anne Farmer, Daniel Watkins & Paul Rogers got off to a great start picking up 7 shots in the first 3 ends and they went on to win 28-8. The final 2 games were closer with Kim Challinor, Pete Coyne & Steve McNeill trading shots with Flackwell and after 9 ends the scores were level at 9-9 and 4 ends later the scores were still tied at 13-13.we then managed to edge the final 5 ends winning 18-14. Paul Warner, Rob Stanbury & Roger Crick found themselves 8-3 behind after 7 ends however they then picked up 8 shots over the next 2 ends and from there they never gave up the lead going on to win 19-13.

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