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Dates for Club Compeitions

1st June (Sat) - Club Mens Triples

Finally we had an afternoon to enjoy a games of bowls in the sunshine and with 8 teams taking part there were some close games in both groups. With points available for both ends won and winning a game in each of the 3 matches played by each team knew that a good start and winning ends was going to be important in order to qualify for this years final. Group A winners were Neil Thompson, Norman Bonham & Brian Abigail and Group B winners were Bruce Patterson, Jack Pipe & John Smith. Congratulations to both teams and we look forward to an exciting final.

6th July (Sat)– International Tournament

It was great to see so many bowlers turn up in their national colours, although some of the England bowlers were tempted over to the dark side for the afternoon to help even up the numbers. Everyone enjoyed their games however it was the Rest of the World team that finished up as the overall winners.

13th July (Sat) – Club Mixed Trips - Results are shown below

11th August (Sun) – Jubilee Shield

24th August( Sat) – American Tournament

30th August to 1 September (Fri/Sat/Sun) – CLUB FINALS

17th September (Tue)– Gala Day

5th October (Sat) – President v Captain


Please see below for the draws for this years Club Competitions.  Members are asked to ensure that all games are played by the due date and if you could enter the match score on the draw sheets in the changing room it would be appreciated.

Mixed Singles League.pdf
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Ken Vincent.pdf
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Novice Singles.pdf
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Open Singles.pdf
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Ladies Pairs.pdf
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Ladies Two Wood.pdf
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Ladies Handicap Singles.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [42.0 KB]
Ladies Singles.pdf
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Mens Pairs.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [42.7 KB]
Mens Two Wood.pdf
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Mens Handicap Singles.pdf
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Mens Singles.pdf
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Club Mixed Triples Results
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2013 Competitions

Open Singles:                         Winner: Roger Crick

Runner up: Ian Brown


Novice Singles:                      Winner: Carol Crick

Runner up: Bruce Patterson 


Ladies Singles:                      Winner: Freya Spokes

Runner up: Jan Moores 


Ladies Handicap Singles:      Winner: Jan Moores 

Runner up: Maureen Warwick 


Men’s Singles:                      Winner: Tony Leone 

Runner up: Roger Crick 


Men’s Handicap Singles:      Winner: Ian Brown             

Runner up: Fred Baldwin                   


Mixed Singles League:         Winner: Roger Crick

Runner up: Brian Abigail


Ladies Two Woods:               Winner: Freya Spokes

Runner up: Jan Moores


Men’s Two Woods:               Winner: Eddie Chanell

Runner up: Fred Baldwin              


Ladies Pairs:                          Winners: Ann Ramsay & Freya Spokes

Runners up: Inger McNeill & Anne Farmer


Men’s Pairs:                          Winners: Don Russell & Lionel Cheshire

Runners up: Matthew Crick & Tony Leone


Men’s Triples:                       Winners: Neil Thompson, Norman Bonham & Brian Abigail

Runners up: Bruce Patterson, Jack Pipe & John Smith


Mixed Triples:                       Winners: Nina Lane, Norman Bonham & Eddie Chanell

Runners up: Bob Worth, Ann Ramsay & John Smith


Ken Vincent Trophy:             Winners: Gerald Moores & Ian Brown           

Runners up: Roger CRick & Tony Leone


Jubilee Shield:                       Winners: Anne Farmer, Sheila Lawlor & Brian Abigail

Runners up: Ian Ramsay, Neil Thompson & Jack Pipe


American Tournament:         Winner: Colin James

Runner up: Lionel Cheshire


Spoon Drive:                          Winner: Roger Crick

Runner up: Jack Pipe

2012 Competitions

Open Singles:                         Winner: Janet Moores

Runner up: Roger Crick


Novice Singles:                      Winner: Denise Boult

Runner up David Edwards


Ladies Singles:                      Winner: Janet Moores

Runner up: Sheila Lawlor


Ladies Handicap Singles:      Winner: Janet Moores

Runner up: Ellen Livett


Men’s Singles:                      Winner: Eddie Chanell

Runner up: Nick Griffiths


Men’s Handicap Singles:      Winner: Andrew Mackenzie            

Runner up: Roger Crick                   


Mixed Singles League:         Winner: Brian Abigail

Runner up: Janet Moores


Ladies Two Woods:               Winner: Anne Farmer

Runner up: Ann Ramsay


Men’s Two Woods:               Winner: Andrew Mackenzie

Runner up: Gerald Moores              


Ladies Pairs:                          Winners: Janet Moores, Dot Russell

Runners up: Ann Ramsay, Carol Chanell


Men’s Pairs:                          Winners: Ian Brown, Don Russell

Runners up: Roger Crick, Graham Matthews


Men’s Triples:                       Winners: Matthew Crick, Rob Whetter, Tony Leone

Runners up: Ron Jay, Steve McNeill, Brian Abigail


Mixed Triples:                       Winners: Yvonne & Brian Abigail, Neil Thompson

Runners up: Sylvia McNulty, Kate Griffiths, Roger Crick


Ken Vincent Trophy:             Winners: Dot & Don Russell           

Runners up: Inger McNeill, Roger Crick


Jubilee Shield:                       Winners: Nina Lane, Rob Whetter, Colin Crosby

Runners up: Sheila Lawlor, Pauline Hobson, Malcolm Hobson


American Tournament:         Winner: John Smith

Runner up: Roger Crick


Spoon Drive:                          Winner: Roger Crick

Runner up: Nick Griffiths


Eclectic Winners:                  Mens: John Smith

                                               Lady: Inger McNeill

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