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5th October 2014

This morning we held the end of season Corners Comeptition which saw 18 bowlers compete for "closest to the corner" over 8 corners. With a cash prize for each corner won and the usual Men v Ladies battle this was an enjoyable morning for all again. The winners were Ellen Livett, Barbara Ramsay, Ian Ramsay, Keith Harper, Neil Thompson, Dave Edwards & Roger Crick (2). All the bowlers were then able to enjoy a bacon roll and a rest before the afternoon's Captain v President match.

This afternoon 43 of our members turned out for the end of season Captain v President's match with a mixture of triples and rinks game to be played.  This was another great afternoon's bowls, despite the dissapointment of it being the last game many of us would play until next season. With the Captain standing down at the end of the season it was his team that were determined to give him a winning end to his 2 years as club captain. With a 4-2 win on rinks it was the Captain's team that ended up on the winning side with a 118-103 shot advantage. Their winning rinks came through Ellen Livett, Ian Ramsay & Roger Crick winning 26-15 against Sue Smith, Rod Bacon & Thornley Bryant. Dave Wheeler, Andrew Mackenzie & Carol Crick also won 20-17 against Nina Lane, Len Clark (great to see him back on the green) Ron Richardson & Len Tuffs (payback for helping Houghton Regis win 1 of the rinks yesterday). The 3rd winning rink for the captain's team came through Mick O'Neill, Dan Livett, Dave Edwards & George Murdoch beating Neil Thompson, Hazel Harper, Maureen Warwick & Eddie Chanell 27-16 and Matthew Crick, Sue Morgan, Anne Farmer & Lionel Cheshire beating Keshore Seegoolam, Colin Crosby, Norman Bonham & Jan Moores 19-17. The 2 winning rinks for President Tom's team came from Sheila Holland, Gerry Moores & Tom Holland, 17-13 , against Carol Chanell, Keith Harper & John Smith and Don Russell, Karen Seegoolam, Denise Boult & Brian Abigail won 21-13 against Barbara Ramsay, Kim Challinor, Bob Perry & Jack Pipe.

4th October 2014

The last friendly of the season saw a mens match against Houghton Regis and despite having to change the match from a 6 rinks match to a 6 triples match,  provide our visitors with a couple of players and some early showers this ended up being a great game to finish the season. Having suffered a heavy defeat in the away match several weeks ago we were hoping for some better luck this time around.  In  a game played in the usual competitive, yet friendly, spirit when these 2 teams meet each team had 3 winning rinks with Neil Thompson, John Simmons & Brian Abigail taking highest winning rink for Hazells, 22-11, followed by Don Russell, Bob Worth & John Smith 20-10 and Matthew Crick, Eddie Chanell & George Murdoch 14-12. 2 of the 3 winning rinks for Houghton came from teams including Hazells players Len Tufffs & Dan Livett. The final match result saw the game drawn 94-94.

28th Septemberr 2014

Today we travelled to Buckingham West End for our last away friendly of the season. In a 5 triples match there wasn't much to cheer about today, apart from the weather, as we suffered yet another heavy defeat losing 92-69.  We only had the 1 winning rink today from Don Russell, Norman Bonham & Andrew MacKenzie who won 22-14.

27th September 2014

Today we welcomed Chalfont St Giles, a new fixture this season, to Hazells. We couldn't have asked for a better afternoon with the sun shining brightly, the green bowling as well now as it did at the start of the season and a host of winning rinks. Inger McNeill, Fred Baldwin & John Smith took highest winning rink with a fantastic 28-10 win. This was closely followed by Dan Livett, Roy Richardson & Carol Crick who won 27-12  and Pete Hamilton, Kate Griffiths & Brian Abigail winning 22-8. We also had 1 tied match from Matthew Crick, Anne Farmer & Jack Pipe 17-17. The final match score saw Hazells win 124-91 so well done team and perhaps we are finishing the season as we mean to start next season.

25th September 2014

Today we travelled to Stony Stratford for a 6 rink mixed friendly game, our last mid-week friendly of the season. Despite having winning rinks from Nin Griffiths, Bruce Patterson, Roy Richardson & George Murdoch 27-17 and Don Russell, Reg Paul, Denise Boult & Lionel Cheshire 21-17 we suffered yet another defeat 129-103. This seems to have been the story of the season this year however despite the result I know that our bowlers have all enjoyed the season and taking part in some great games against some friendly teams from around the area so lets hope for some better luck next year.

21st September 2014

Today we travelled to Tring Town and with yesterdays win and a win in our earlier encounter this season hope was high that we would get 2 wins thsi weekend. Unfortunately it soon became apparent that this would not be the case and it was more a case of how respectable could we keep the score. We did end up with 1 winning rink through Colin James, Andrew MacKenzie & John Smith 20-12 and 1 rink earnt a 17-17 draw through Ian Ramsay, Neil Thompson & Carol Crick. However results on the other 3 rinks certainly went the way of the home side and the final result was one of our worst this season as we lost 107-65.

20th September 2014

Today we welcomed Long Crendon, winners of our Gala Day, to Hazells for a 5 rinks friendly. Despite slow start going behind ealy in the game on all 5 rinks and with no tea break when fortunes usually change we had to dig deep and plug away unti fortunes started to go our way and by the end of the match we had actuallly finallly won a friendly 98-76. Highest winning rink on the day went to Sue Smith, Ian Ramsay, Thornley Bryant & Roger Crick 21-10, closely followed by Matthew Crick, Margaret Matthews, Andrew MacKenzie & Gerry Moores 21-12. Other winning rinks went to Ann Ramsay, Anne Farmer, Dave Edwards & Jack PIpe 21-18 and Ellen Livett, Sue Morgan, Fred Baldwin & Steve McNeill 20-14.

14th September 2014

Following our recent run of defeats a game against Thame Bowls Club was not one to enter in to with any real level of optimism having lost the away game by 40 shots. Despite getting off to a good start taking the lead on 5 of the 6 rinks by the end of the match we had just 1 winning rink, Sue Smith, Rod Bacon, Anne Farmer & Lionel Cheshire 26-18. The final match score saw a minor improvement from our previous meeting as we lost by 36 shots this time, 141-105. 

13rd September 2014

On a sunny Saturday afternoon we welcomed Winslow Bowls Club to Hazells for a 5 triples friendly and with the end of the season just a few weeks away hopes of a late season change of fortune were once again dashed today. Although we did have 2 winning rinks with Sue Smith, Ian Ramsay & Thornley Bryant winning 17-13 and Karen Seegoolan, Denise Boult & Nick Griffiths 15-13 the final score of the match was a 90-63 win for Winslow.

11th September 2014

Today we travelled to Wendover Bowls Club, scene of our recent Adams Cup victory, looking to add to the last win on their green. However any thoughts of another win were soon dashed as we got off to a slow start on all rinks and oour fortunes hadn't changed by the end of the match which saw Hazells lose on all 5 rinks, with he closest game a 20-15 defeat. The finall score saw a home win of 108-64

7th September 2014

Today we welcomed Hazells Member Lionel Cheshire and his Zippers team for one of the highlight fixtures in the calendar. On a lovely sunny afternoon there were some interesting games on show with mixed fortunes for both sides. On rink 1 it was the visitors who picked up 7 shots in the first 4 ends and from there on both teams matched each other with the final score on the rink finishing with the 7 shot difference 23-16. On rink 2 it was Hazells team of Colin Crosby, Karen Seegoolam, Kate Griffiths & Neil Thompson who got the early lead going 9-0 ahead after 6 ends and despite a late comeback we levelled the scores at 1 game each with a 19-15 win. On rink 3 it was back to our visitors, led by Lionel Cheshire, to take an early control of the game going 9-0 ahead after 5 ends, however on this rink there was no comeback from the home side and it was the Zippers that won this game 32-11. On rink 4 the first 10 ends saw each team win alternate ends however it was again the visitors that took control of the game and despite picking up 4 shots on the last game it was another win for the visitors 19-15.  On rink 5 it was the visitors that again took control of the game going 10-0 up after just 4 ends however by the 16th end we were just 1 shot behind at 19-18. However despite the comeback it was the visitors that won 24-20. So on the final rink Hazel Harper, Kishore Seegoolam, Kim Challinor & Roy Richardson who got off to the better start going 5-1 ahead after 3 ends however 3 ends later they were 8-5 down but from then on we won the next 6 ends to take a 13-8 lead.By the 17th end it looked like the pendulum had swung back the way of the Zippers as they picked up 6 shots to level the match. In a match that had swung one way to the other it was only fitting that the final twist was for Hazells to pick up 12 shots in the last 4 ends to win 28-16.

6th September 2014

Today the men had a 5 rink friendly at Houghton Regis in one of the games the few men only friendlies that they have. As usual we received a warm welcome and with both teams looking forward to the match the match started evenly with both teams taking early leads however it was Houghton Regis, with home green advantage, that took control of the game on 3 of the rinks winning 25-12, 31-10 & 26-13. Matthew Crick, Bruce Patterson, Steve McNeill & George Murdoch were in control of their game finding themselves 24-12 ahead after 16 ends however the last few ends saw them drop 11 shots, picking up only 1 more shot in return finishing 25-23. The final rink of Don Russell, Fred Baldwin, Roy Richardson & John Smith took the highest winning rink for Hazells with a 21-13 win.   

2nd September 2014

Well after the excitement of finals weekend it was back to friendly action today as we travelled to Amersham Town Bowls Club for a 5 triples match. Despite Bob Perry, Norman Bonham & Roger Kane winning 24-13 this was the only winning rink for Hazells. The final score in the match was a 69-79 defeat for Hazells

29th to 31st August 2014

Finals Weekend 

Well what a fantastic weekend that was !!!

Not only did we have good weather but there were some exciting games to watch, the support from members was fantastic and we finished off with a fabulous BBQ.

Friday Matches: This evening there were 2 finals and the remaining group games in the new Ken Colchester Memorial Trophy on display so plenty to watch for those of you that were not playing. The first final was the Mens Two Wood between Gerry Moores and George Murdoch and this match certainly got the weekend off to a flyer. This was a close match from start to finish with Gerry taking the early lead only for George to then come back and take a 7-3 lead. With both players continuing to trade shots throughout the game we reached the final end with Gerry leading 13-11 and only needing to take 2nd wood for the match however 2 great woods from George forced the extra end with scores tied at 13 each. With the tension mounting it was Gerry that took the shot in the playoff end and therefore adding his name to the trophy. In the other final we had the Mens Triples which saw Dave Edwards, Bob Worth and Roger Crick take on Colin James, Don Russell & John Smith. This too was going to end up a great game to both play in and to watch with Rogers team taking the early advantage with a 10-3 lead after the first 9 ends, although they would be the first to admit that they did have a little luck on the way. However just 2 ends later the scores were tied with John's team picking up 6 shots in 1 end and by the end of the 17th end Roger's team found themselves 16-12 down and needing 4 shots to take the game in to an extra end (definitely a game of 2 halves). With just 1 wood left to bowl and 1 down there was only 1 option for Roger - Fire and Hope - and it paid off. Despite pulling his wood slightly he took out shot wood and his team then found themselves holding the 4 shots required to force the extra end. So the 2nd final of the night had gone to an extra end and having won the toss Roger decided to give the mat away, wanting to have the final wood in the deciding end. With Dave, Colin, Bob and Don playing their woods and building a interesting head it was down to the skips to decide the winner. With a fantastic 2nd wood from John he picked up the jack and found his team sitting with 2 shots so it was back to Roger to try and get shot. Having taken confidence from the previous end he played a weighted shot which picked up the jack and pushed it out to the far back right of the green and holding 1 shot. Although shot wood was a good 3-4 yards away John just needed to draw inside of shot bowl to put the pressure back on however having not bowled that wide on the green all evening it was difficult to judge the weight required in the fresh grass and unfortunately his wood just dropped in to the ditch meaning the match went to Dave, Bob & Roger. The remaining games in the Ken Colchester Memorial Trophy were completed and it was the pairings of Ann Ramsay & Denise Boult and Dan Livett & Jack Pipe that reached the final. The format of this competition was enjoyed by all those taking part as it was a fixed jack competition and was a perfect competition for those wanting to show off or improve their drawing skills. Jan Moores had the honour of presenting the trophies this evening in front of a good number of spectators.

Saturday Matches: So day 2 had arrived and the morning session saw 2 matches being played: The Open Singles saw Maureen Warwick take on Brian Abigail and this match followed on from yesterdays games with some great bowls being played by both players although it was Maureen who took the early lead, 8-2 after 6 ends. From there on she never looked back dropping just 6 ends in the match and running out a 21-8 winner. Alongside this game we had the Mixed Triples which included 1 "familly  team" and 1 familly rivalry with Teresa Newman, Kim Challinor & Gerry Moores taking on Kate Griffiths, Mark Newman & Nick Griffiths. In this game it was Gerry's team who took the early lead picking up 7 shots in the first 3 ends however by the half way stage the score was 10-6 to Gerry's team. With Nick's team closing the gap we wondered if there was to be a repeat of last night with an extra end required however with some fine bowling Gerry's team picked up 4 shots in 1 end to extend their lead to 7 shots and this was to be too big a lead to overcome for Nicks team and so congratulations to Gerry for picking up his second trophy of finals weekend and to Kim & Teresa for their first competition win at the club.  The afternoon session saw a full program of matches with 4 games being played. In the Ladies Singles we had the unusual situation where Jan had reached the final following Anne's withdrawl due to injury and Kim, as losing semi finalist, replacing Freya who didn't turn up for her match. Putting these issues behing them this was an excellent match which saw Kim take an early lead, 5-2 after the first 5 ends, however Jan then called on her experience to overcome this deficit and then take the lead herself, 12-7 after 15 ends. With yet more precise bowling on show it was Kim that then found herself 16-13 ahead 5 ends later and the scene was set for a potentially dramatic end to the match. However having regained the advantage Kim wasn't going to let her lead slip again without a fight and 4 ends later she picked up 3 shots to take the match 22-14. In the Mens Handicap Singles Gerry Moores found himself in his 3rd final of the weekend and with 2 wins behaind him he found himself up against County Unbadged Singles Finalist Neil Thompson. It was Neil that started with a 3 shot advantage from the handicaps and this lead gave him the early confidence which he drew on to take a 12 -2 lead after just 6 ends. However Gerry's fighting sprirt kicked in and just 4 ends later he found himself just 3 shots down, 12-9. Despite this comeback it was Neil's turn to once again to extend his lead and he went on to take the match 21-14. Also this afternoon we saw the Ladies pairs between Sheila Lawlor & Ellen Livett and Sandy Hinton & Carol Crick and this game also started off as a close match with scores level at 6-6 after 7 ends. However some great bowls from Ellen & Sheila over the next few ends saw them take a 13-8 lead after 14 ends and this lead prooved too much for Sandy and Carol to overcome with Sheila & Ellen winning 17-15. This meant another new trophy winner at Hazells for Ellen so congratulations Ellen. The final match of the day was the Mens Pairs, which perhaps should have been renamed the Mens & Boys Pairs as it saw Matthew & Colin battle it out as the lead bowlers for each pair and Ian Brown partnering Colin and Nick Griffiths partnering Matthew this was to be an interesting match. It was Matthew and Nick that took the early lead, 9-3 ahead after the first 5 ends however Colin & Ian then started to find their line & length and got back in to the match with scores level at 11-11 after 11 ends. With their new found confidence Colin & Ian put on a fine display for the spectators, dropping just 1 more shot in the match and running out 25-12 winners. So another great days bowls had come to and end and with more sun forcast for Sunday everyone went home looking forward to another enjoyable day on Sunday.

Sunday Matches: This morning there were just 2 matches with the Ladies Two Wood between Ann Ramsay and Inger McNeill (taking Anne Farmers place due to injury) and it was Ann that took the early lead 6-1 after 6 ends. In a 21 end match, but with just 2 woods an end, this would be a difficult deficit for Inger to come back from and despite a valiant effort which saw her get back to 7-5 down after 11 ends it was Ann that put the pressure back on going 13-6 ahead after 15 ends and needing to win every remaining end Inger dropped 1 shot on each of the next 2 ends meaning that Ann won the match 15-6. In the other match this morning we saw the Ken Vincent Trophy with Matthew Crick & Ian Brown facing each other again but with different partners today. Gerry Moores joined Ian and John Simmons joined Matthew. Looking to put the dissappointment of yesterdays defeat behind him it was Matthew and John that got off to a great start picking up 12 shots in the first 9 ends, dropping just 1 shot in the same period.. The next end saw Ian & Gerry pick up 3 shots, followed by holding a further 3 shots the next end with just last wood to come from John.  In what could have been a crucial end in the match John played the perfect shot picking up the jack and going from 3 down to pick up 4 shots himself and therefore taking a 16-4 lead. This was to be too big a deficit to come back from and both teams decidied to shake hands after the 18th end with Matthew & John 20-8 ahead. This was the end of another great session of bowls.  This afternoon we welcomed Janet Colchester and her familly to the club to watch the Ken Colchester Memorial Trophy which they had very kindly offered to sponsor in memory of former member Ken who sadly passed away earlier in the year. With the sun shining we also saw a large number of members come along to enjoy the final session on this years Finals weekend, with 4 games on offer there was plenty to watch. The Ken Colchester Memorial Trophy Fixed Jack competition was played over 18 ends with pairs of Ann Ramsay & Denise Boult taking on Dan Livett & Jack Pipe. Each bowler had 3 woods and the idea behind the game was to score points based on the 4 closest woods to the jack with 4 points for closest to 1 point for 4th wood. Each end the length of the jack would be varied going from short jack on end 1, medium jack end 2 and long jack on end 3 and following the same pattern through the 18 ends. In a fantastic match it was Dan & Jack that took the early lead and despite drawing several ends 5 points each it took until the 13th end for Ann & Denise to win their first end. The match finished after 17 ends with Dan & Jack taking the title 93-77. Special congratulations to Dan as this was also his first competition win at Hazells. Also today we had the much anticpated Novice Singles match between Bruce Patterson and Ron Jay and as expected this started off a close match with ends being won alternately and after 9 ends the scores were level at 7 all. Ron then picked up 3 shots on the next end and this must have been just the prompt Bruce needed as he then went on to win 7 of the next 8 ends and take the title 22-11 so congratulations to Bruce. Having bowled already this morning in the Ladies Two Wood competition Inger was back in action against Carol Crick in the Ladies Handicap competition. With both players starting with the same handicap this would be a straight fight of first to 21 and it was Carol that took control of the game picking up 2 fours in the first 8 ends to find herself 16-5 ahead at the same stage, however Inger then got a foot back in the door picking up 2 shots on each of the next 3 ends. Unfortunately for Inger this proved to be the wake up call for Carol and it was Carol that went on to win the match 21-13. In the final match on the weekend we saw the comeback of the weekend, if not season, in the Mens Singles Final betwen Ian Brown & Eddie Chanell. Ian got off to a fantastic start finding himself 13-3 ahead after just 7 ends and with many people thinking the match was as good as over it was Eddie that then realised he had nothing to lose and relaxed to play some great bowls, dropping just 3 further shots in the match Eddie won the match 22-16 after 21 ends. At the end of the weekend we had seen some great matches and seen 24 different competition winners, with just 3 people, Matthew Crick (Jubilee Shield & Ken Vincent Trophy), Bruce Patterson (Jubilee Shield & Novice Singles) and Gerry Moores (Mens Two Wood and Mens Pairs) winning 2 trophies. So great to see so many different winners.

Following the matches and presentations we held a familly BBQ and it was great to see so many people, over 60,  join in the fun. Special thanks to John & Kate for organising the food and to Ivan for donating his time to cook for so many people.  

Can I take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone that attended the weekend, either as player, official, helper or spectator. You all helped to make this a great weekend and I have heard so many compliments from members about how much they enjoyed the weekend that you should all take credit for playing your part in such a great weekend.

28th August 2014

This afternoon we welcomed Princes Risborough to Hazells for a 5 rink friendly match and despite a few showers the game was close across all rinks with Hazells just edging the match 79-77. Highest winning rink for Hazells went to Sue Smith, Dan Livett & Roger Kane winning 22-17, with the other winning rinks for Hazells going to Don Russell, Thornley Bryant & Carol Crick - 15-13 and Sheila Lawlor, Matthew Crick & Nick Griffiths 16-14.

27th August 2014

Congratulations to Hazells Wunders who tonight won the BCBL League Division 1 and they now qualify for Bucks Finals Weekend on 14th September.

25th August 2014

Following on from yesterday's first against Potten End today we had a new first; the Ken Colchester Memorial Trophy which saw members split in to pairs for a Fixed Jack competition. Unfortunately the weather got the better of us and we had to abandon the competition after just the first game. Due to the nature of the competition and the respect held for Ken all the bowlers have agreed to complete their games during the week so that the planned final can take place on finals weekend in front of many of Ken & Janet's familly who are making a special trip to the club to see the final of the competition being run in Ken's memory.

24th August 2014

Today we welcomed Potten End Bowls club to Hazells in the first fixture between these 2 clubs in a 5 rink friendly. With a strong team sent out for this game there were some good games on display and although we only won 2 of the 5 rinks through Ellen Livett, Andrew MacKenzie, Jack Pipe & Len Tuffs 21-16 and Nina Lane, Kim Challinor, Thornley Bryant & Pete Spokes 29-15. the final result of the match saw a 94-92 win for Hazells.

23rd August 2014

Club Mixed Triples day today and despite a late start whilst teams were re-arranged due to a couple of last minute withdrawls with 11 triples and 1 pair split between 2 groups. With each team playing 5 games of 5 ends each and the winning team in each group taking up their spot in next weeks finals weekend there were some cracking games on offer. Group A was won by Gerry Moores, Teresa Newman & Kim Challinor and Group B was won by Kate Griffiths, Mark Newman & Nick Griffiths.

17th August 2014

Following yesterday's c onvincing win at Bicester we were at home today to local rivals Cheddington and hopes were high that we would finally win against our visitors, despite limited success against them this season. Unfortunately those hopes were soon dashed with our visitors taking a strong lead on several rinks, including which saw Hazells 26-1 down affter just 10 ends. By the end of teh game we had just 1 winning rink, Colin Crosby, Thornley Bryant & Denise Boult 23-12 and 1 tied rink 12-12 from Ellen Livett, Kim Challinor & John Smith. The final score in the match saw 1 of our worst defeats of the season 127-80

16th August 2014

Today we travelled to Bicester Bowls Club for a 6 triples friendly match and with 4 winning rinks coming from Kate Griffiths, Roger Kane & Lionel Cheshire 22-10, Pam Spokes, John Smith & Roger Crick 32-5, Matthew Crick, Maureen Warwick & Brian Abigail 17-14 and Andrew MacKenzie, Bob Perry & Carol Crick 23-13. Despite losing on the other 2 rinks we still ended up with a 107-87 win.

10th August 2014

Today we held the annual Jubilee Shield competition which saw 32 members split in to 8 triples and 2 rinks and then spklit between 2 groups. Each team played 3 games of 7 ends with the winning team from each group progressing to the final played at the end of the day. In Group A it was Len Tuffs, Bob Perry & Colin Crosby that won their group by 1 point and in Group B it was 1 of the rink teams that won the group, again by 1 point, Matthew Crick, Bruce Patterson, Anne Farmer & Nick Griffiths. The final was played over 7 ends and was a close game which was eventually won by Mattthew, Bruce, Anne & Nick.

9th August 2014

Today was the return match against Chandos Park and following our narrow 2 shot defeat last week the short wait for revenge was welcome. With 2 rinks winning 22-16  for Hazells coming from Don Russell, Ann Richardson & John Smith and Kim Challinor, Andrew MacKenzie & Roy Richardson. However the other 3 rinks saw defeats for Hazells and the final score of the match saw Chandos Park edge the game by 1 shot this week, 85-84.

5th August 2014

Tonight we welcomed Tring Bowls Club for a midweek friendly of 5 triples. Putting the weekends dissappointment behind us we won on all 5 rinks with highest winning rink going to Ann Richardson, Kim Challinor & Roger Kane winning 26-13, Kate Griffiths, Roy Richardson & Pete Spokes won 17-8, Neil Thompson, Freya Spokes & Nick Griffiths won 19-13, Sue Smith, Eddie Justice & Andrew MacKenzie won 16-13 and finally Susan Morgan, Don Russell & Eddie Chanell won 17-16. The final match score was a 95-63 win for Hazells

3rd August 2014

Today we welcomed Wing Bowls Club for a 4 triples friendly and yet again we were on the receiving end of a narrow defeat. However with just 1 winning triple, Pam Spokes, Kate Griffiths & Ian Brown achieving a 21-12 win the final score of 66-69 was some consolation as the other 3 games were close.

2nd August 2014

Today we travelled to Chandos Park and on arrival the heavens opened and many of us were wondering if the game would even go ahead. Despite a large puddle in the middle of the grenn both captains decided to delay the start of the game until the rain had stopped and the water drained away. Despite the conditions the green bowled well and the sun came out for a while. Despite having 3 out of 5 winning rinks it was Chandos Park that won the match 72-70, although 2 rinks didn't complete their matches as the rain started again towards the end of the game. Highest winning rink for Hazells went to Matthew Crick, John Smith & Carol Crick 17-11 however this didn't come without an element of controversy as this was one of the rinks that didn't complete their match. Don Russell, Anne Farmer & Roger Crick won 18-13 and Norman Bonham, Pam & Peter Spokes were our other winning rink, 15-14. With the return match taking place next Saturday we won't have long to get our revenge.

31st July 2014

Tonight we travelled to Wendover for the 2nd leg of this years Adams Cup andstarted 2 shots behind from the first leg. Having not won the trophy since 2008 there was an element of determination to overturn the small deficit from the first leg. With 3 winning rinks each on the night this was another close match however it was the rink of Carol Chanell, John Griffiths, Maureen Warwick & Brian Abigail that took the highest winning rink honor for the night with a 32-13 win. Our other winning rinks went to Don Russell, Ann Ramsay, Len Tuffs & Eddie Chanell 21-16 and Colin Crosby, Kate Griffiths, Anne Farmer & Norman Bonham 19-17. The final score tonight saw Hazells win 119-107 therefore regaining the trophy with a 225-215 win.

27th July 2014

Today we travelled to Thame Bowls Club for a 5 rinks friendly and with the sun shining again and another fast green on offer this was going to be another tough afternoon. With just 1 winning rink, Pam Spokes, Matthew Crick, Denise Boult & Len Tuffs winning 20-17 this was another heavy defat for Hazells going down 116-76.

26th July 2014

Back to friendly action again today and a trip to Leighton Buzzard for what was meant to be a 6 triples match however due to Leighton Buzzard having one of its members in the Ladies County Finals they were only able to get 12 players so we travelled on the basis that we would provide them with 3 bowlers so that we could still play a game of 5, rathar than 6, triples.  This was a challenging game on a very fast green and one that many were unable to adjust to. Anne Farmer, Maureen Warwick & Norman Bonham played for the hosts and with the sun beating down it wasn't long before the heat claimed its first casualty with Pam Spokes having to pull out of the game. Karen Seegoolam, Roy Richardson & Pete Spokes earnt the highest winning rink honour 29-11 and with just 1 other winning rink from Pam Spokes, Roger Kane & Len Tuffs 17-16  and overall defeat was looking likely however despite struggling to adjust to such a fast green Colin James, John Simmons & Carol Crick managed to earn an 18-18 draw. Losing the other 2 rinks by smaller margins meant that Hazells won the match 93-83

19th July 2014

Today Neil Thompson travelled, along with many supporters, to Iver Heath for this years Bucks County Finals Day. Taking part in the Unbadged Singles Final in his first year entering County Competitions he found himself playing against David Sills from Chesham Bowls Club. The game started off well with both bowlers trading shots and the unfortunately Neil lost his way for a couple of ends dropping 9 shots in 3 ends. Despite this dissappointment Neil didn't let this get to him and he fought back valiantly and put up a strong fight for the remainder of the game. The final result saw David Sills win the match but congratulations go out to Neil for such a fantastic run in his first year playing in competitions. For those members who didn't attend the final they were able to play in this years "International Tournament". For some members it was a chance to uncover some distant relative with overseas nationality in order to play for the Rest of the World team, current holders. On a fun afternoon, with National Pride at stake and England fans looking for some better news following the recent Football & Cricket results turned to Shakespear Way to see their country return some pride. Captain John Smith led from the front with Colin James & Sue Smith giving England a 22-10 win in their match. Ron Jay led his team, Dave Wheeler & Ian Ramsay to another successfull win, 19-8 giving England what would surely be an unassilable lead. Follow that with a narrow 15-13 win for John Simmons, Matthew Crick and Dot Russell surely there was only 1 result??  Unfortunately not as Carol Chanell, Dan Livett & Andrew MacKenzie won 25-12 and Trisha Newman, Eddie Justice & Eddie Chanell won 20-8. The final result saw a 76-76 draw, meaning that the Rest of the World retained the cup.   

13th July 2014

Back to Friendly action today and with a poor friendly record this season we went in to the home game against Wolverton more in hope than anticipation and despite getting off to a good start on 3 of the 4 rinks that hope was soon going to turn to dissappointment. Winning just 1 rink through Sheila Lawlor, Andrew MacKenzie & Peter Spokes 14-12 we ended up losing 82-43

12th July 2014

Following last weeks successfull Club Aussie Pairs competition this week it was the Club Mens Triples day inb which bowlers are drawn at random in to 8 teams with 4 teams going in to each group. Each team then plays 3 games earning a point for each end won and 3 points for winning the game. On a hot afternoon there were some hot bowls games on view and in Group A it was the team of John Smith, Colin James & Don Russel that won all 3 of their games, earning 1 of the places in Finals Weekend. Group B was a tighter Group with Ian Ramsay, Neil Thompson & George Murdoch winning their first 2 matches and requiring a win, or narrow defeat to Roger Crick, Bob Worth & Dave Edwards in the last game. Having won 1 and lost their other game in the group this was going to be an interesting match with both teams having a chance of progressing to finals weekend it was actually Dave Edwards that led his team on to a 15-2 win in the final 8 end match. Good luck to both teams in the final .

9th July 2014

Today we welcomed our Friends from Deane Park for this annual match which sees great rivalries replayed and a chance for friends to catch up and enjoy a sunny afternoons game. This is usually a closely fought game however this year it was the Hazells team who came out on top. Bruce Patterson, Ellen Livett, Andrew MacKenzie & Thornley Bryant taking the highest winning rink 33-12, closely followed by Colin Crosby, Carol Chanell, Maureen Warwick & Brian Abigail winning 30-12. Nina Lane, Pete Hamilton, Norman Bonham & Eddie Chanell won 23-15, Sue Smith, Sue Morgan, Roger Kane & Jack PIpe won 23-11 and Sheila Lawlor, Margaret Matthews, Anne Farmer & George Murdoch won 20-13. Our only losing rink saw Dan Livett, Sheila Holland, Ann Ramsay & Tom Holland losing 17-15. the overall match score saw a 144-80 win for Hazells although this is one of those matches where the score is secondary to enjoyment of the afternoon. So much so that soon after arriving home from the game Tom had received a couple of emails sending thanks for a wonderful afternoon and for the great hosptiality shown to our guests from Deane Park. So thanks go out to all those that took part in the day and for making our visitors so welcome. We look forward to next years match with great anticipation

6th July 2014

Back to Friendly action today as we welcomed Bletchley St Martins for a 6 rink match on a lovely sunny afternoon. Nina Griffiths, Dan Livett, Neil Thompson & George Murdoch took the highest winning rink for Hazells 21-12, closely followed by Ellen Livett, Bob Perry, Jack Pipe & Brian Abigail winning 21-13. Our 3rd winning rink came from Pam Spokes, Sue Smith, John Simmons & Lionel Cheshire who won 19-17. With losses on the other 3 rinks the final match result also ended in a 104-104 draw.

5th July 2014

This afternoon, with no friendly arranged, we decided to hold an Aussie Paris competition and despite the rain in the morning we had a fantastic support with 20 teams entering. For some members this was the first time they had played this format of the game and it was enjoyed by all.  With partners drawn at the start of the day we split the teams in 2 groups with the winner of each group playing in the final and the 2 group runners up playing for 3rd place it was great to see the enjoyment being had by all, combined with the competitive spirit required with cash prizes at stake. After the group games had been completed the top 2 teams in 1 group could only be seperated by shot difference and even then there was only 1 shot difference between the 2 teams. In the other group there was a clear winner but the 3 runners up were also only seperated by shot difference. The 3rd place match was keenly contested between Paul Brotherston & Ann Richardson against George Murdoch & Kim Callinor and it was George and Kim that won this match. The final saw John Simmons & Ann Ramsay take on Eddie Chanell & Kate Griffiths and it was Eddie & Kate that ended up victorous taking the title and the  prize money so well done to them and thansk to all who supported the event.

29th June 2014

Despite winning on 3 of the 5 rinks this afternoon at Berkhamsted Town Bowls Club Hazells were once again on the losing side. Highest winnning rink went to Inger McNeill, Anne Richardson & Nick Griffiths 18-15, closely followed by Kate Griffiths, Anne Farmer & Thornley Bryant with a 17-15 and Sheila Lawlor, Norman Bonham & Andrew MacKenzie with a narrow 14-13 win. The final score in this game was a 90-76 win to Berkhamsted. 

28th June 2014

This afternoon we travelled to Chesahm Broadway for a game of 3 rinks in what could be our last game at their current venue as they have some very exciting plans for a new home in the grounds of Chartidge Conference Centre. Despite a few light showers this game was played in great spirit and was enjoyed by all. On Rink 1 Matthew Crick, Roger Kane, Kim Challinor & Steve McNeill put on a fine display of bowls taking an early lead and despite stopping for tea, usually a sign fortunes would change, they went on to win their game 33-11. On rink 2 Inger McNeill, Dan Livett, Neil Thompson & Roger Crick started off slowly losing 4 of the first 5 ends however once they managed to getthe jack back they then won the next 9 ends in a row to take a 19-4 lead after 14 ends. Broadway did start to fight back however this game ended up with a 22-12 win for Hazells.. The 3rd rink saw John Smith teamed up with 3 ladies; Ellen Livett, Denise Boult & Carol Crick and this time it was the hosts that took the lead and despite a valiant effort from Carol's rink it was the hosts that won 19-17. The overall match result saw Hazells win 72-42.

27th June 2014

Tonight we hosted the first leg of the Adams Cup, our annual match with Wendover Bowls Club. The format is a home & away game of 6 rinks and the first match was a very tight one with both sides winning on 3 rinks. Hazells winning rinks came from Ann Ramsay, Anne Farmer, Norman Bonham & Brian Abigail 22-15, Inger McNeill, Colin James, Thornley Bryant & Nick Griffiths 26-16 and Carol Chanell, Dave Edwards, Jack Pipe & George Murdoch 20-16. The final result of the match was a 108 - 106 loss so lets hope that we can overturn this slight deficit in the return leg. 

22nd June 2014

This afternoon we welcomed Bletchley Town to Hazells and following the ladies defeat in the Top Club to our visitors we knew that this afternoons match would be a tough one. Despite winning 2 of the 5 triples through Dot Russell, Kim Challinor & John Simmons 17-11 and Andrew MacKenzie, Neil Thompson & Gerry Moores 17-13 it was our visitors that ended up winning the match 82-54

21st June 2014

After last weeks 2 friendly wins hopes were high as we welcomed Bradwell however those hopes were soon dashed with the visitors taking an early lead on all 5 rinks and they never looked back. The closest rinks for Hazells saw narrow 2 shot defeats on 3 of the 5 rinks with bigger margins on the other 2.

15th June 2014

Today we welcomed Dunstable Town bowls club for another return match and Hazells were looking to make this a winning weekend, the first one of the season. The previous encounter saw Hazells run out convincing winners and again today would proove to be another repeat performance winning of 4 of the 6 rinks. Highest winning rink went to Dot Russell, John Simmons & Roger Crick with a 27-15 victory. On rink 2 George Murdoch stepped aside from his usual role as skip to play No2 to Carol Crick and with Colin Crosby at lead they won their game 18-11. Rink 3 saw Don Russell, Colin James & John Smith teamed up and they too took control of this game early and never looked back finishing with a 22-14 win. Pam Spokes, Thornley Bryant & Jack PIpe completed the 4th win for Hazells with an 18-14 scoreline.

14th June 2014

Today we welcomed Aston Clinton for the return fixture of the season and with a run of losses extending it was going to be important to finally start a winning run. Our previous encounter ended in a close game and this was to follow the same pattern, with 3 winning rinks each. Highest winning rink for Hazells went to Sue Smith, John Simmons & Fred Baldwin 20-12, closely followed by Nin Griffiths, Keith Harper & George Murdoch 25-18 and the final winning rink of Gerry Moores, Bob Worth & Len Tuffs winning 22-16. Despite losing the other 3 rinks Hazells still managed to win the overall match 105-103 

8th June 2014

With no game yesterday today we played Bletchley St Martins in a game of 5 rinks. Currently on a dissappointing run of form unfortunately our fortunes were not to turn today. Despite winning 21-15 through Pam Spokes, Kate Griffiths, Roger Kane & Lionel Cheshire the remaining games all ended in wins for Bletchley with a final score of 108 - 78 to Bletchley.

1st June 2014

Today we visited the fantastic surroundings of Waddesdon Bowls Club with Steve McNeill captaining the team. Despite a highest winning rink of 24-10 from Nina Lane, Pete Hamilton, Maureen Warwick & Brian Abigail this turned out to be our only winning rink of the day and our run of dissappointing friendly results continues with Waddesdon running out 98 - 89 winners.

Saturday 31st May 2014

Today Hazells members took part in our annual American Tournament which sees bowlers play 5 games of 5 ends, drawing a rink, team and playing position in the team before each game. The winner of the event being the bowler with the highest number of shots. This popular event was well supported again and there were plenty of laughs to be had with lead bowlers having to skip, with desperate cries at each draw of "I don't want to skip again" and "do you want to swap places". After a fun afternoons bowls it was Neil Thompson who finished as runner up and Brian Abigail winning th eevent by 6 shots from Neil.

Sunday 25th May 2014

This afternoon we travelled to Dunstable with 6 Triples on a sunny, but breezy afternoon. Hazells took an early lead on 5 of the 6 rinks and once in that position they never looked back. Highest winning rink for Hazells went to Colin James, Kate Griffiths & Don Russell with a 29-10 win. We had 4 more winning rinks, 18-11, 21-13, 17-12 & 22-11 and with just 1 losing rink 16-19 this gave Hazells a resounding 123-76.

Saturday 24th May 2014

Today saw Hazells get off to a great start in the Ladies Top Club competition witha 3-1 win against Aylesbury Town. For more details on this match please go to the Ladies News but well done ladies on a great win.

This afternoons friendly saw Hazells play host to 5 triples from Leighton Buzzard and with 2 of our victorious ladies playing in the afternoon game confidence was high that we could continue the winning run and we did get off to a good start however it was our visitors who ended up winning the match 81-66 despite a highest winning rink for Gerry Moores, Neil Thompson & Roger Crick with a 25-15 win.

Sunday 18th May 2014

Today we welcomed 6 Triples from Linslade Bowls Club for this afternoons friendly in a game which the hosts were becoming more keen to win due to their recent form.With the sun shining on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the green running well surely today was going to be the day we ended the losing run. Well despite winning on 4 of the 6 rinks unfortunately this was not to be the case - a 35-5 loss on rink 2 meant that all other rinks would have to win well to earn the team win.  Inger McNeill, Len Tuffs & Eddie Chanell did their bit with a 25-7 win on rink 1 and with Kate Griffiths, Maureen Warwick & George Murdoch earning a 7 shot win on their rink, matched by Bob Perry, Kim Challinor & Roy Richardson on rink 6 the final result saw a 105-102 loss for Hazells.

Saturday 17th May 2014

Following Tuesday's Men's Mid Bucks League win at Aylesbury Town today we hosted Aylesbury Town for a friedny fixture. Hazells went it to the game confident that they would earn the double over our locals rivals and they arrived determined to stop that happening. The match started off well with both sides winning on 3 rinks each at the halfway point however the tide soon turned away from Hazells when they were on the receiving end of a Hot Shot and from holding an 11 shot lead the difference was then cut to 2 and with confidence rocked this game was to slip away with a final score on the rink of 17-19. Hazells finished the macth winning on 2 rinks, drawing 1 and losing 3 giving them a final score of Hazells 101 Aylesbury Town 111

 Monday 12th May 2014

Tonight saw the start of the Ladies County Triples competition with Inger McNeill & Kate Griffiths teams both heading off to Princes Risborough and unfortunately both teams returned empty handed. There was meant to be an all Hazells match in the same competition with Jan Moores team playing against Anne Farmer's team however it was only the weather that came out on top in this match. A heavy hail storm covered the green, leaving it unplayable, and so the match had to be abandoned with Anne's team holding a slender lead which will be continued on Friday. Tonight was also Neil's 4th round Unbadged Singles match against Dave Golding from Wingrave however Neil's opponent didn;t arrive at the green by the 6.30 deadline as so Neil has now progressed through to the next round which will be played on the 14th May so good luck Neil.

Sunday 11th May 2014

This afternoon we travelled to Princes Risborough for a 5 Triples friendlymatch in rather blustery conditions. Despite winning on 3 of the 5 rinks the final match score still saw Hazells on the receiving end of another defeat, not the best start to the season but we are confident that the tide is turning and that we will soon string a run of wins together. Highest winning rink of the day went to Ann Richardson, Roger Kane & Roger Crick with a 29-11 win. Our other 2 winning rinks were Colin James, Don Russell & Carol Crick (21-17) and Ellen Livett, Neil Thompson & Andrew MacKenzie (14-11)

Saturday 10th May 2014

Having already played Kitcheners a couple of weeks earlier we sent a team in the hope of levelling the scores up however the rather wet weather and very testing green conditions saw a heavy defeat, 100-66 , for Hazells. With just 2 winning rinks, Colin Crosby, Ian Ramsay, Andrew MacKenzie & Carol Crick (18-15) and Pam Spokes, Keith Harper, Bob Perry & Nick Griffiths (17-16) this was vey little consolation for such a heavy defeat.

Friday 9th May 2014

Tonight saw the next round of the County competitions which saw Kate Griffiths team competing in their first game in the Fours, thanks ot a first round bye. They hosted Gail Room's side and this was an enthralling macth which saw a narrow 2 shot defeat for the home team. With Anne Farmer also playing her 2nd round match against the team that knocked out Janet Moores it was great to see our team coming out on top and earning a 3rd round match at home next Wednesday - Good Luck Ladies!!!. On the same night Matthew Crick hosted Eddie Cootes from Cheddington and this was another exciting game with Matthew unfortunately losing 21-20. Neil Thompson won his match though at Long Crendon with a 21-18 score which sees him progress to the 4th round.

Thursday 8th May 2014

This afternoon we welcomed Amersham Town for a 5 Triples club friendly match. Andrew MacKenzie, Denise Boult & Norman Binham got Hazells off to a great start to the afternoon with a 13-0 lead after 9 ends. Ellen Livett, Thornley Bryant & Peter Spokes, not wanting to be outdone by their team mates, also held an 11-4 lead at the half way stage, closely followed by Sue Smith, Bob Perry & Nick Griffiths leading 12-5. After taking such a commanding early lead these 3 teams never looked back and their 18-6, 19-7 & 15-14 wins contributed to Hazells overall 78-62 win.

Tuesday 6th May 2014

Today saw the start of the busy county competitions with many of our members involved. The ladies had the first round of their Fours competition which saw Anne Farmers team win against J Ware's team from Aylesbury Town. Unfortunately Jan Mooores team lost at Winslow. The Men had the first round of their Unbadged Singles competition however it was a bad night for most of our bowlers with losses for Roger Crick, Keith Harper, Steve McNeill Gerry Moores & Nick Griffiths. However we did have 2 winners; Matthew Crick won his match against Colin Hill at Cheddington and Neil Thompson won his match against HAzells Gerry Moores.

Monday 5th May 2014

Today our members had the chance to come and see the various club competition draws being made before joining in with the Bank Holiday Fun Bowl. A good turnout of 36 bowlers meant that we could play a 3 match, 7 end triples competition which was played in the usual Hazells fun atmosphere. The competition winners on the day were Ann Ramsay, Colin James & Jack Pipe who won all 3 of their games and only losing 7 of the 21 ends played. Congratulations to the 3 of you and hopefully all those that attended enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in which the game was played.

Sunday 4th May 2014

Following yesterday's win we went to Cheddington full of confidence that we could make it a "Double" weekend however with all 5 triples losing this was to be our worst defeat of the season, 61-94. The closest game saw Nina Lane, Maureen Warwick & David James losing 16-15.

Saturday 3rd May 2014

Today we made our first visit to Chalfont St Giles Bowls club in the hope that we could finally put an end to our losing run. On a lovely sunny afternoon at a welcoming club we were looking forward t an enjoyable afternoons bowls and this is exactly what we had. At the half way stage of the match Hazells were winning on 5 of teh 6 rinks and it was looking like our first win if the season...and then we stopped for tea and we all know what a curse that can be!!!! One team that didn't let this affect them was Colin James, Don Russell & Carol Crick who went on to be our highest winning rink with a 30-8 win. Our only wither winning rink of the afternoon came from Dot Russell, Roy Richardson & Eddie Chanell winning 15-14. Despite losing on the other 4 rinks Hazells still managed to achieve their first win with an overall 104-101 score. Well done team - lets hope that this is the start of the season now underway.

Thursday 1st May 2014

Today saw our first mid-week friednly at home to Stony Stratford, a team with which we have had some great matches in the past and today was going to be no different. With 3 winning rinks each the game was close from start to finish with Azells winning rinks coming from Colin Crosby, Denise Boult, Anne Farmer & Jack Pipe (20-14), Don Russell, Sheila Lawlor, Gerry Moores & Eddie Chanell (23-14) and Kate Griffiths, Dave Edwards, Roger Kane & Fred Baldwin (24-14). The final result of this match ended up with a 110-106 loss for Hazells

Sunday 27th April 2014

Following yesterdays dissappointingloss at Aston Clinton we were hoping that our first home friendly would bring a more favourable result as we hosted our friends from Kitcheners. Unfortunately despite a couple of very close games and a winning rink, 26-12, for Steve McNeill, Kate Griffiths & Bob Perry we lost the overall match 107-89.

Saturday 26th April 2014

Today saw the start of the new season with our usual trip to Aston Clinton. Unlike previous years we actually managed to complete a full game, despite a short storm early in the afternoon. We were pleased to welcome new member Roger Cane to the team and hope that he enjoyed his first game for Hazells.  Despite some very high scroing rinks, with Hazells winning on 3 and drawing on 1 rink the final score saw Aston Clinton take the match 114-112. Rink 1 for Hazells saw Don Russell, Carol Crick and Janet Moores involved in a very tight game for the first 15 ends however we then picked up 7 shots on the 16th end followed by a further 6 shots on the 17th end, earning a 27-12 win. This wasn't, however, the highest winning rink for Hazells as that honour went to Denise Boult, Neil Thompson & Roger Crick with a 31-5 win. 

The game against Wingrave on Tuesday 6th May is being postponed due to club involvement in the County compeitions  resulting in no rinks being available at Hazells that night. Good luck to all those bowlers taking part in these compeitions.

Reminder from Competitions Secretary to ensure that if you want to enter any of theis years club competitions that your entry must be with Roger Crick by Friday  2nd May 2014

1st April 2014

We have now received confirmation that this years Green Inspection will be conducted on the afternoon of Friday 25th April 2014 and so the green will be unavailable at this time.

The committee have decided to "Open" the green to members on 19th April 2014 however please keep an eye on this site or the club noticeboard in case this situation changes.

Please keep an eye on this site and the club noticeboard for details of Fun Bowls, Spoon Drive & Skills Nights which are currently being planned once the green opens

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