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Round 1 - Cheddington - Home - 6th May 2016 - Won 3-2

Once again we were drawn against Cheddington in the Top Club Competition and this was to be a tight match yet again. The Two Wood saw Nick Griffiths take on a county Two Wood Champion, Pete Rowlings, and despite a good start Nick was unable to hold on to the lead and lost 16-9.  Last years Hazells Singles Champion, Gerry Moores, took on Pete Thirkettle and took control of the game from the start, taking a 10-5 lead after 5 ends. He continued to dominate the game and despite a late comeback Gerry held on for a 21-18 win to make it 1 game each in the match. Matthew Crick & Mark Newman were involved in a fantastic match in the pairs whihc was close throughout and when then took a 17-12 lead after 19 ends it looked like the game was over however Cheddington managed to pull back 5 shots to force an extra end. Matthew & Mark managed to hold their nerve to pick up 2 shots and earn a 19-17 win and a 2-1 lead to Hazells. In the Triples Eddie Chanell, Steve McNeill & Brian Abigail got off to a dissappointing start, going 8-2 down after 5 ends and despite their best efforts they were unable to overturn the deficit and lost 19-10, leaving the overall match tied at 2-2. In the rinks Pete Coyne, John Smith, Roger Crick & George Murdoch started well taking an early 6-2 lead however Cheddington got themselves back in to the game and soon found themselves 16-9 ahead.  Hazells then picked up 5 shots on the 15th end to get back in to the game and with all the other games looking close they fought back to win the game 22-21 and give Hazells the 3-2 win and a place in the next round.

Round 2 - Headington Bowls Club - Home - Saturday 18th June 2016 - Lost 4-1

This morning we welcomed a very strong Headington team to Hazells for the next round of the Top Club competition.  Nick Griffiths retained his place in the Two Wood competition although by the end of teh game he had probably wished he hadn't played, losing 21-5 after just 15 ends. Club Singles winner Gerry Moores also retained his place in the singles competition which saw him up against Ray Gaskins and unfortunately this match ended up the same way as the 2 wood with Gerry losing 21-5 after just 12 ends.  Matthew Crick & Mark Newman joined up for the pairs and despite playing some excellent bowls they too were on the receiving end of another heavy defeat, losing 22-7. The triples gave us our only point of the match through Roger Crick, Eddie Chanell & Tony Leone who dropped 5 shots in the first 3 ends but then came back and took control of the game and were 23-7 ahead after 13 ends at which point the Headington triple had seen enough and conceeded this game. In the final game it was Andrew MacKenzie, John Smith, Brian Abigail & Geiorge Murdoch that were also on the receiving end of a heavy defeat, losing 25 - 9 and ending another short run in this competition.


Preliminary Round - Waddesdon - Away - 30th July 2016 - Lost 3-1

In an event similar to Top Club we travelled to Waddeson this morning and Mark Newman played Trevor Room in the singles, losing 21-11. In the pairs Matthew Crick & Gerry Moores lost to Jamie Richardson & Andrew Litchfield. The triple of Steve McNeill, roger Crick & Tony Leone played out a close game but also found themselves on the losing side. We did manage to get a win from the Fours, through Andrew MacKenzie, Eddie Chanell, Brian Abigail & George Murdoch.


Preliminary Round

Hazells A v Waddesdon A - Away - 21st May 2016 - Lost on both Rinks

Hazells B v Aylesbury Town - Away = 4th June 2016 - Lost on both rinks


25th May 2016 - Hazells v Waddesdon - Lost 97-50 (12pts to 2)

After a heavy defeat in the Mens National Two Fours at Waddesdon last weekend we went in to this 1st game in the Bucks Cup with an element of trepidation. With 2 triples at home and 2 away this to be a tough game again and the 2 home games finished in defeats with 23-11 & 32-8 scores. In the away games we managed to win 1 of the 2 games 16-15 and lost the last game 27-15.

1st June 2016 - Hazells v Princes Risborough - Won 75-64 (10pts to 4)

Following last week’s disappointment against Waddesdon in the Bucks Cup we were looking to bounce back with a win against Risborough in order to put pressure back on Waddesdon and push for a top 2 finish. With 2 winning rinks each but an overall win 75-64 we picked up 10 points to move up to 4th in the table.

8th June 2016 - Hazells v Wendover - Lost 76 - 69 (12pts to 2)

The games are coming thick and fast at the moment and we were back to Bucks Cup action again tonight with Andrew, Nick & Mark and John, Brian & Neil travelling to Wendover, where both teams lost 19-12 & 23-21 respectively. At home Eddie Steve & George struggled picking up just 2 shots in the 1st 11 ends and losing 17-12 and Rob, Gerry & Tony won their game 24-17. Unfortunately this meant a 7 shot defeat for Hazells which now means we need to win our 2 remaining games to avoid relegation and potentially earn a place in the quarter finals.

15th June 2016 - Hazells v Long Crendon - Won 75-58 (12pts to 2)

This evening the heavy rain meant that all 4 games had to be played at Hazells as the Long Crendon green was waterlogged. After the disappointing result last week we need to make the home advantage pay and avenge the defeat we suffered at home to Long Crendon in the MBL recently. Nick Griffiths, Eddie Chanell & George Murdoch got off to a slow start losing the first 5 ends however they then started to find their line and went on to win the game 20-11. Rob Stanbury, Gerry Moores & Tony Leone took control of their game early and dominated throughout to win 23-12. Roger Crick, Steve McNeill & Mark Newman led for most of the game however with just 4 ends to play their was only 1 shot in it however we then picked up 11 shots in the last 4 ends to win 24-12. Neil Thompson, Brian Abigail & John Smith had a tough evening winning just 5 ends in a match that they lost 23-8. With 3 wins to Hazells and an overall winning score of 75-58 we managed to win 12 points to 2 to go above Long Crendon in the league. A win in our final match against Aylesbury Town next week will ensure that we will remain in the Bucks Cup next season not matter how the other results go.

22nd June 2016 - Hazells v Aylesbury Town - Lost 58-78 (12pts to 2)

This eveing we played the last match in this year's group stage of the Bucks Cup and with our place in next year's Cup secured we went in to the match knowing that a good win could give us a chance of reaching the knockout stages however a disappointing start to the evening soon made it clear that this was not going to be our night. At home Rob Stanbury, Gerry Moores and Tony Leone played out a close game which saw the scores level at 14-14 after 15 ends however it was the visitors that finished the stronger winning 18-14. Roger Crick, Steve McNeill & Mark Newman played the other game at home and this was a night that they want to forget in a hurry. Winning just 2 ends all match it was not to be their night as they lost 30-5. Away from home we fared slightly better with Matthew Crick, John Smith & Brian Abigail leading their game from the start to win 22-12. The other match away saw Keith Harper, Eddie Chanell & George Murdoch go in to the last end tied on 17-17 however it was Aylesbury that picked up the winning shot to give them the overall win and 3 winning rinks to our 1.


17th May 2016 - Hazells v Aylesbury Town - Away - Won 71 - 69

This evening we started this seasons Mid Bucks campaign looking to go 1 better than last year and actually win the league. This was to be a close game which saw Hazells win on 2 rinks, thorugh Andrew MacKenzie, Eddie Chanell & Gerry Moores 21-9 and Ian Ramsay, Pete Coyne & Roger Crick 14-10. Aylesbury won on the other 3 rinks however a strong finish from Hazells which saw us pick up 9 shots between the rinks on the last end to give us a 2 shot overall win.

7th June 2016 - Hazells v Long Crendon - Home - Lost 79-72

Tonight we played Long Crendon in the 2nd game of this years Mid Bucks League and we were looking to follow on from our win in the 1st game against Aylesbury. We got off to a great start and were leading on 4 of the 5 rinks at the half way stage however our luck was then to change and by the end of the match we had just 2 winning rinks; Nick Griffiths, Steve McNeill & Tony Leone won 23-13 and Andrew MacKenzie, Lionel Cheshire & Gerry Moores won 19-10. With the other 3 rinks losing the overall score gave Long Crendon the 79-72 win giving us just 2 points from the match.

10th June 2016 - Hazells v Princes Risborough - Away - Lost 100-82

Following the disappointment of our defeat on Tuesday at home to Long Crendon it was going to be important to bounce back tonight with a win away at Princes Risborough. Unfortunately this was not to be the outcome as 4 of our rinks struggled to come to terms with the home team. Matthew Crick, Brian Abigail & Steve McNeill got off to a slow start giving them a mountain to climb to get back in to the game, going 12-3 down after 9 ends however a strong finish saw them close the gap to finish 16-14 down. Rob Stanbury, Eddie Chanell & Gerry Moores also found it tough going finding themselves 19-4 down after 12 ends, although they did manage to get this back to 21-13.Ian Ramsay, Keith Harper & Roger Crick played out a close game for the first 11 ends at which point they found themselves just 10-9 ahead however with some excellent bowls being played they won the last 7 ends taking 18 shots in the process to win 28-9. Pete Coyne, Nick Griffiths & Mark Newman got off to the worst possible start going 13-4 down after 5 ends and things didn’t get much better as they lost 32-11. In the final game Andrew MacKenzie, John Simmons & John Smith also got off to a slow start losing the 1st 5 ends, dropping 8 shots in the process, although 5 ends later they were back level at 9-9.We then dropped 14 shots over the next 5 ends and weren’t able to recover, losing 22-16

8th July 2016 - Hazells v Cheddington - Away - Won 97 - 75

With a trip to Cheddington tonight we knew that conditions could be tricky but that a win was important to move back up the table. Jack Pipe, Nick Griffiths & Brian Abigail got off to a gtreat start taking an early 10-1 lead and although the hosts got back in to the game we won 23 - 20. Rob Whetter, Neil Thompson & Gerry Moores also took control of their game early on an secured an emphatic 24-5 win. Ian Ramsay, Pete Coyne & Roger Crick were not to find it as easy and they started the game well however it was Cheddington that took control of the game and ended up winning 18 - 11. Colin James, John Simmons & Mark Newman stromed to a 10-1 lead after 5 ends and although the hosts did manage to win a few ends we did win 19 - 12. The final match saw Rob Stanbury, Keith Harper & Steve McNeill take the early lead however the hosts then took back control, going 15-12 ahead . We then got back in front 20 - 19 going in to the last end however it was Cheddington that picked up the important shot which earnt them a draw.

15th July 2016 - Hazells v Aston Clinton - Home - Won 94 - 89

This evening we hosted Aston Clinton for the penultimate match in the seasons league campaign and it was going to be important to get another win to keep any slim chances of winning the league this season. With 3 winning rinks to Hazells and 2 defeats this was to be a close match. Rob Whetter, Eddie Chanell & George Murdoch managed to snatch a 21-18 win thanks to picking up 5 shots on the last 2 ends. Rob Stanbury, John Smith & Roger Crick were not so lucky and they went in to the last end level on 18 - 18 only to drop 5 shots and finish 23-18 down. Andrew MacKenzie, Steve McNeill & Tony Leone cruised to a 30-11 win whilst Ian Ramsay, Neil Thompson & Mark Newman were on the receiving end of a 23-8 defeat. In the final match Len Tuffs, Pete Coyne & Gerry Moores played out a close game and earnt a 17-14 win. We just have the 1 game left against Waddesdon and this is a must win so hope that the team are on top form next week.

28th July 2016 - Hazells v Waddesdon - Away - Won 85 - 73

This evening we ended our Mid Bucks League campaign with an away match at Waddesdon and came away with a respectable 7-3 win. Ian Ramsay, John Smith & Brian Abigail got off to a slow start going 9-2 down however they fought back and although they couldn’t get in front the game finished with us losing 15-11. Rob Stanbury, Keith Harper & Roger Crick got off to a bad start as well dropping 8 shots in the first 3 ends and despite winning 10 of the remaining ends they just couldn’t overcome the early deficit and lost 18-14. Neil Thompson, Pete Coyne & Gerry Moores controlled their game from the start winning 24-9. Andrew MacKenzie, Steve McNeill & Tony Leone led from the start in this match and went in to the last end 16-13 ahead however they ended up dropping 5 shots to lose 18-16. Matthew Crick, Eddie Chanell & Mark Newman started slowly going 6 down after 4 ends however they then won the next 7 ends to take a 14-6 lead and from there they went on to win 20-13 and secure the overall match win 85-73.


6th September 2016 - Hazells v Amersham Town - Home

10th September 2016 - Hazells v Houghton Regis - Away

14th September 2016 - Hazells v Aylesbury Town - Away

8th October 2016 - Hazells v Houghton Regis - Home

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