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TOP CLUB - Amersham Town - Away - 21st May 2015 6pm - Won 3-2

                    - Cheddington - Home - 21st June 2015 9.30am - Won 3-2

                    - Bletchley St Martin - Away - Sunday 5th July 10am - Lost 4-1


Preliminary Round - Aston Clinton - Home - Won - 4-0

This competition follows the same format as the Top Club except there is no Two Wood match. Tonight Dave James played the singles and despite making a slow start going 6-1 behind he then took control of the game picking up 7 shots over the next 3 ends. From there on he alwasy led the match and got our first point with a 21-15 win.  In the pairs Steve McNeill & Roger Crick also got off to a slow start but they too started to find their line and by the 8th end had got in to the lead, which they never surrendered, winning 24-12. In the triples Matthew Crick, Mark Newman & Brian Abigailstarted well taking an early lead however they then went 5 ends without winning and end to find themselves 10-7 down. However they then picked up 7 shots on the 14th end to take the lead and they went on to win 18-12. In the Fours Nick Griffiths, Eddie Chanell, John Smith & George Murdochwere in control of this game from the start, playing some great bowls between them and by the 18th end, when we had already won 3 games to win the match, both teams shook hands with Hazells winning 24-10. We now progress to an away match at Long Crendon

1st Round - Long Crendon - Away - Lost 3-1

This evening we travelled to Long Crendon for the next round of the Cup, confident that we could continue our good run of form having already won at Long Crendon this season in the Mid Bucks League. Despite Dave James getting us off to a good start in the singles and taking the 1st point of the match it turned out to be our only win this evening. The other 3 matches all ended in disappointing defeats for Hazells.


Round 5

Hazells A v Bletchley Town - Away - Wednesday 8th July 2015 - Lost 49-29

Matthew Crick, Keith Harper, Dave James & George Murdoch - Won 20-11

Andrew MacKenzie, Jack PIpe, Neil Thompson & Roger Crick - Lost 38-9

Round 4

Hazells A v Waddesdon B - Home - Thursday 25th June 2015 - Won 37-19

Matthew Crick, Keith Harper, Dave James & George Murdoch - Won 25-4

Andrew MacKenzie, Jack Pipe, Neil Thompson & Roger Crick - Lost 15-12

What a great night for our team with George's rink taking control from the start against a very strong Waddesdon team, finding themselves 17-2 ahead by 9 ends. With Roger's rink making a slow start they started to get back in to the game and were just 3 shots behind at the 16th end. With 5 ends still to go it was with some suprise that Waddesdon decided to shake hands and concede the game, realising that at 18 shots behind and the way we were playing that they wouldn't be able to turn the game around. So on to the next round with an away game at either Bletchley Town or Chandos Park.

Round 3

Team A v Marlow BC - Home - 14th June 2015 - Won 44 - 34

Matthew Crick, Keith Harper, Dave James & George Murdoch - Won 29-10

Andrew MacKenzie, Jack Pipe, Neil Thompson & Roger Crick - Lost 24-15

Round 2

Team A v Waddesdon A- Home - 29th May 2015  - Won 39-36

Matthew Crick, Jack Pipe, Keith Harper & George Murdoch - Won 26-14

Andrew MacKenzie, Neil Thompson, Lionel Cheshire & Roger Crick - Lost 22-13

Team B v Waddesdon B - Home 29th May 2015  - Lost 33-31

Gerry Moores, Pete Coyne, Steve McNeill & Tony Leone - Lost 20-14

Don Russell, Nick Griffiths, Mark Newman & Brian Abigail - Won 17-13

Round 1

Team B v Princes Risborough - Away - 13th May 2015 6pm - Won 37-35

Andrew MacKenzie, Jack PIpe, Roger Crick & George Murdoch - Lost 23-12

Matthew Crick, Keith Harper, Dave James & John Smith - Won 25-12


2nd August 2015 - Hazells v Bassetbury Manor

Following our win at home to Burnham in the previous round we went to Wendover for a Semi Final match with Bassetbury Manor, a club that we have no recent history with. Apart from Nick Griffiths, Roger Crick & Mark Newman, who earnt a comfortable win on their rink, we got off to a disappointing start going behind on the other 3 rinks and after 6 ends it was looking bleak for our team. However some great determination saw us get back in to the match with Matthew Crick, Gerry Moores and Tony Leone coming from behind to win their match. Pete Coyne, Eddie Chanell & Brian Abigail also came back well to win on their rink and in the final match Keith Harper, Steve McNeill & George Murdoch managed to close the gap in their game and despite still losing we were able to win the match. The final will be played at Aylesbury Town on Sunday 6th September against either Richings Park or Woburn Sands

20th May 2015 -Hazells v Wing - Won 76-39

Great start to our quest to return to the Buck sCup next season winning on 3 of the 4 rinks. At home Matthew, Dave & Tony won 25-5 and John, Nick & Mark won 26-8. Away from home Neil, Steve & George lost 16-12 and Pete, Eddie & Brian won 13-10

27th May 2015 - Hazells v Cheddington - Won 71-48

We continued on from last weeks win with another confident performance which saw us win on 2 rinks, draw on 1 and lose the final rink. Brian, Eddie & Pete drew 16-16, Keith, Steve & George won 21-9, Matthew, Gerry & Tony won 21-9 and Nick, Roger & Mark lost 14-13

3rd June 2015 - Hazells v Winslow - Won 82-57

Sights are now firmly set on winning our division of this years Bucks Plate competition and progressing to the Quarter finals thanks to another convining display at home and away tonight.  Matthew, Gerry & Tony won 25-22 and Nick, Roger & Mark won 18-11 in the 2 home games. At Winslow Steve, Dave & George won 17-16 and Pete, Eddie & Brian won 22-8. 

10th June 2015 - Hazells v Aston Clinton - Won 92 - 54

Congratulations to the Men's Bucks Plate team for securing 4 wins from 4 in the group stages and promotion back ot the Bucks Cup next season. The win tonight also secured their place in the quarter final of this years competition, however our opponents are not yet known.  All 4 rinks won with Steve, Dave & George winning 26-11, Pete, Eddie & brian 29-17, Matthew, Gerry & Tony 18-12 and Nick, Roger & Mark 19-14

12th July 2015 - Hazells v Burnham - Quarter Final - Won 87-48

Having won our Division in this year’s Bucks Plate competition, resulting in our promotion back to the Bucks Cup next season, we hosted Burnham Bowls Club in the quarter final. This match saw 4 triples from each side play with the combined score determining the winner. We got off to a great start on rink 1 through Pete Coyne, Eddie Chanell who won their match 26-6. On rink 2 Keith Harper, Steve McNeill & George Murdoch led the match until the last end when they dropped 5 shots to lose 16-13. On rink 3 Nick Griffiths, Roger Crick & Mark Newman took control of their game early in the match and never looked back on their way to a 29-9 win. The final match saw Matthew Crick, Gerry Moores & Tony Leone go 8-1 behind after 6 ends however their luck turned in the next end when the Burnham skip decided to “fire” at the jack and despite taking the jack out of the head he actually played too much weight and couldn’t believe his luck when he saw the jack come back off the back wall, back on to the green and leave Tony’s team holding 4 shots. Tony managed to add 2 more shots to pick up 6 that end and get back in the game. They continued the fightback and managed to pick up 5 shots on the 16th end to take a 7 shot lead. Despite dropping 5 shots on the last 2 ends they managed to hold on to win 19-17. The final match score was an 87-48 win for Hazells which sees them through to the Semi Final which will be played at Wendover Bowls Club on 2nd August against Bassetbury Manor Bowls Club.


12th May 2015 - Hazells v Aylesbury Town - Won 96-71  (8.5pts to 1.5 pts)

14th May 2015 - Long Crendon v Hazells - Won 89-70 (8pts to 2pts)

3rd July 2015 - Hazells v Cheddington - Won 89-64 (8pts to 2pts)

10th July 2015 - Aston Clinton v Hazells - Won 86-80 (8pts to 2 pts)

16th July 2015 - Hazells v Princes Risborough - Won 81-74 (8pts to 2pts)

23rd July 2015 - Hazells v Waddesdon - Lost 86-55 (8.5pts to 1.5pts)


1st September 2015 - Amersham v Hazells

5th September 2015 - Houghton Regis v Hazells - Lost 116-88

We travelled to Houghton Regis this afternoon for one of the Men's favorite end of season matches and received the usual warm welcome from our hosts.  This was to be a tough afternoon though as it soon became obvious that Houghton Regis were having trouble with the council that look after the green. The hosts were very apologetic about the conditions and both teams played the match in the right spirit, putting the issues with the green behind them to have an enjoyable afternoon. Don Russell, Norman Bonham, John Simmons & John Smith found it hard going on rink 2 and despite keeping the match tight for 12 ends they then dropped 15 shots over the next 5 ends and finished up losing 27-11. Andrew MacKenzie, Len Tuffs, Nick Griffiths & Fred Baldwin also kept the game close through the first half of the match however the hosts then took the lead and never gave up their lead, winning 26-15. Colin James, Roger Kane, Neil Thompson & Gerry Moores got off to a great start taking a 12-6 lead by the half way mark. They continued to control the game and finished up highest winning rink with a 21-14 win.Bob Perry, Ian Ramsay, Steve McNeill & Roger Crick played a rollercoaster of a match going 12-2 ahead however the score was then back to 12-10  4 ends later. We then took back control to go 21-10 ahead after 15 ends.  Yet again the tables turned and 4 ends later the score was 21-20. However having never been behind in the game we went on to win 27-20. On the final rink Matthew Crick, Dan Livett, Eddie Chanell & George Murdoch dropped 7 shots over the 1st 2 ends however by the 9th end the scores were tied at 9-9. The 2nd half of the game went the home teams way and they finished the game the same as they started although this time the dropped the 7 shots on the very last end to lose 29-14. 


9th September 2015

This afternoon we welcomed 3 triples from Aylesbury Town for a new Mid-Week fixture in the Men’s calendar. On rink 2 Roger Kane, Nick Griffiths & Eddie Chanell played out a high scoring match during which they picked up 4 shots on the 3rd end, 6 on the 4th and a further 7 on the 6th end to take an unassailable lead. On rink 3 Don Russell, John Simmons & John Smith were involved in a much tighter game which they just edged 15-13. In the 3rd triple Andrew MacKenzie, Jack Pipe & Lionel Cheshire got off to a good start and took an early lead, finding themselves 11-10 ahead at the half way stage, which they then extended to 17-11 after 13 ends. However a late comeback from Aylesbury saw them win this game 20-19. This still gave us the overall win 61-46 against our local rivals

23rd July 2015

In our last game in this years Mid Bucks League we knew that a win would ensure 1st place in this seasons competition. Unfortunately this was not to be our night and despite a 3 shot win for Ian Ramsay, Nick Griffiths and Roger Crick this was to be our only winning rink. Andrew MacKenzie, Eddie Chanell & George Murdochled their game throughout however they dropped 6 shots over the last 3 ends to finish up with a 16-16 draw. Unfortunately the other 3 rinks saw heavy defeats for Gerry Moores, Pete Coyne & Mark Newman (25-8), Matthew Crick, Steve McNeill & Tony Leone (19-9) and Don Russell, John Simmons & John Smith (15-9).  We must now rely on Waddesdon losing 1 of their 3 remaining games to give us a chance of winning the league.

16th July 2015

Tonight we played the 5th game of the league season and with 4 wins already behind us and probably the 2 toughest games to come it was the turn of Princes Risborough to bring 5 triples to Hazells. On rink 1 Matthew Crick, Steve McNeill & Tony Leone played out a very close game and with 4 ends to play it looked like they had done enough to win the match, leading by 6 shots, however with the luck not quite with them they dropped 8 shots in the last 4 ends to lose 15-13. On rink 2 Rob Whetter, Roger Crick & George Murdoch were also involved in a very  close game, with the score level at 11-11 with 4 ends to go however this time we picked up 7 shots to win 18-12. On rink 3 Don Russell, John Simmons & John Smith had the slower start, finding themselves 8-6 down after 8 ends however picking 4 shots the next end seemed to be the turning point and they went on to win 22-11. Rink 4 saw Andrew MacKenzie, Lionel Cheshire & Brian Abigail fall behind early however a strong finish saw them win the match 17-13. On rink 5 Pete Coyne, Gerry Moores & Mark Newman got off to a positive start, taking a 6-3 lead after 6 ends however they then went another 6 ends before picking up another shot. With the scores close across all the rinks we then dropped a 7 on the 14th end however our determination to limit the damage and ensure we won the overall match was clear to be seen across the green and although we lost 23-11 on this rink we did win the overall match 81-74. This now sets up a probable “Winner Takes All” match next Thursday at home to Waddesdon.

10th July 2015

Having won our 1st 3 matches in this year’s Mid Bucks League we travelled to Aston Clinton looking to build on this great start to the competition. On a green that has always provided a challenge in recent years but that has now undergone some improvements the game still proved to be a hard fought one. Don Russell, John Simmons & John Smith took a few ends to adjust to the challenging green, finding themselves 7-1 down after 5 ends however once they cam to terms with the conditions they fought back well and were level after 10 ends and from there on they didn’t lose another end, winning 25-8. Andrew MacKenzie, Roger Kane & Brian Abigail had almost the opposite of games taking the early lead however they then lost 8 ends in a row and finished up losing 22-12. Colin James, Steve McNeill & Mark Newman got off to a disastrous start, finding themselves 17-2 down at the halfway stage. Struggling to find a line all evening they did finish strongly picking up 9 shots in the last 4 ends however the game finished in a 24-14 loss. Despite dropping 4 shots on the first end Rob Stanbury, Keith Harper & Gerry Moores soon took control of their game thanks to a run of 7 ends won without reply and they finished 22-14 winners. The final match was a much closer affair from start to finish with Rob Whetter, Thornley Bryant & George Murdoch managing to win their game 13-12 to give Hazells the 86-80 win and 3 winning rinks to 2 for an 8-2 win. With 4 straight wins we go in to next week’s game at home to Princes Risborough with confidence that we can get another important win.

5th July 2015

This morning we travelled to Bletchley St Martin's for Round 3 of this years Top Club Competition. Having beaten this side in last years Mid Bucks Knockout Cup, which follows a similar format, we went in to the game confident that we could continue the good run of form that we have been on recently. Unfortunately the game didn't turn out as expected with Nick Griffiths putting up a good fight in the Two Wood but ultimately losing the game. In the Pairs Steve McNeill & Roger Crick never really got in to the game and ended up losing by 8 shots. The Triples started well with Matthew Crick, Eddie Chanell & brian Abigail taking the early lead however once the home side found their line they soon got back in to the match and took a lead that they never surrendered. In the Singles Mark Newman followed the same fate as the other games, despite making a good fight back late on in the match, losing 21-16.  Our only winning match came from Gerry Moores, Peter Coyne, Dave James & George Murdoch in the Fours with a 19-18 win.

3rd July 2015

This evening we got back to Mid Bucks League action with a home game against Cheddington. On rink1 Andrew MacKenzie, Peter Coyne & Gerry Moores got off to a great start going 10-1 ahead after the first 5 ends. They continued to control this match taking the game 19-11. On rink 2 Ian Ramsay, John Simmons & Dave James had a dissappointing game, not winning and end until the 10th and despite picking up 7 shots on the 17th end they lost their game 21-13. On rink 3 Don Russell, Steve McNeill & Mark Newman also got off to a slow start going 10-1 down after 5 ends however despite a great fight back they narrowly lost their game 14-13. On rink 4 Neil Thompson, Eddie Chanell & Brian Abigail took control of their game from the first end and played some great bowls to seal a 25-8 win. In the final match Colin James, Nick Griffiths & George Murdoch played out a good game winning 13 of the 18 ends to earn a 19-10 win and give Hazells the overall win and 8 of the 10 points available.

21st June 2015

This morning we welcomed Cheddington for Round 2 of the Mens Top Club competition. Nick Griffiths retained his place in the Two Wood, taking on Pete Rowling a former Two Wood County champion. This was a tough game for Nick which remained very close until the 14th end when Pete managed to win the next 4 ends and he went on to win 16-11. Neil Thompson also retained the Singles place and ws up against Steve Molnar, another experienced singles player and it was Steve that found the green first and took control of the game from the outset, winning 21-2. Being 2-0 down in the match it was down to the 3 "team" events to win their respective matches. In the pairs Steve McNeill & Roger Crick took an early lead, going 9-1 ahead after 6 ends. They didn;t look back and won their match 21-17. In the triples Matthew Crick, Eddie Chanell & Tony Leone had a tight game and despite a late comeback from the visitors we managed to hold on for a 16-13 win to take the match to a 2-2 draw. So it was down to the Fours match to decide where the wiin would go and with Pete Coyne, Keith Harper, Dave James & George Murdoch playing some great bowlsthey took a commanding early lead, 10-1 after 6 and continued to pile on the pressure going 20-7 ahead after 13 ends and finishing the game 33-12 winners to give us the 3-2 win and set up an away match at Bletchley St Martins.

21st May 2015

Tonight we travelled to Amersham Town Bowls Club for our first round match in this years Top Club Competition.  Nick Griffiths played the Two Wood match and despite a good start he lost his match 18-10. In the singles Neil Thompson came from 17-9 down to win 22-19, showing a great determination to fight back from such a large deficit and take the first point for Hazells. In the pairs Steve McNeill & Roger Crick got off to a good start to take control of the game and never looked back, taking the 2nd point for Hazells with a 21-11 win. Matthew Crick, Tony Leone & Brian Abigail also got off to a flying start in the triples going 10-3 up aftre 6 ends and like the pairs this was a game where we were always in control and one that brought home the 3rd and crucial point to see us through to the next round with an emphatic 30-9 win. Keith Harper, Pete Coyne, Mark Newman & George Murdoch got off to a slow start finding themselves 8-0 down after just 4 ends however like Neil they started to find their line and got back to 10-10 after 10 ends. This then continued to be a close game with Amersham Town just winning the match 19-18.

14th May 2015

Following Tuesday's successful start to the Mid Bucks League we travelled to Long Crendon looking to continue the run of good form. Dan Livett, Steve McNeill & Tony Leone got off to a great start and controlled the game from start to finish, ending up 16-14 winners. Andrew MacKenzie, Roger Kane & Mark Newman performed well and earnt a 17-8 victory. Ian Ramsay, Jack Pipe & Brian Abigail played out a very close match and ended up losing 21-20. Don Russell, Pete Coyne & Eddie Chanell couldn;t have got off to a better start as they picked up 5 shots in the first end and from there on they only lost 5 ends on their way to a 24-8 win.In the final match Colin James, Rob Stanbury & George Murdoch got off to a positive start leading 10-2 after 8 ends however they then dropped 15 shots over the next 6 ends  and ended up losing 19-12. The final match score gave us the 89-70 win resulting in 8 points to Hazells & 2 to Long Crendon.

12th May 2015

Tonight the Men got their "Competitive" season off to a great start with a comprehensive win against our local rivals Aylesbury Town.  This was the first match in this seasons Mid Bucks League and it saw Hazells win on 3 rinks, draw on 1 and lose on 1 to give us the 8.5 to 1.5 point win. George Murdoch, Lionel Cheshire & Neil Thompson only lost 5 ends and won their match in emphatic style, 27-10. Don Russell, Steve McNeill & Tony Leone just managed to hold on to their win having been 18-9 up after 13 ends the game finished 18-17. Keith Harper, Eddie Chanell & Brian Abigail got off to a slow start but fought hard to stay in touch and then on the 14th end they picked up 7 shots to take a 6 shot lead, although they finised the match 22-14 winners. Gerry Moores, Roger Crick & Mark Newman took early control of their game only for Aylesbury Town to come back in to the match to earn a 17-17 draw. The final game saw Rob Whetter, Pete Coyne & John Smith come from 13-3 down to lose the game 15-12, losing 10 of the first 11 ends always meant it would be tough to win the game but they remained focussed on pulling the score back to help the overall team score which is worth 5 league points.

This winters Slade Indoor Competition is now underway, although in a different format to previous years. With only 5 teams entering this year, Hazells, Waddesdon, Chandos Park, Buckingham West End & Stony Stratford each team will play 4 matches during Jan to March. This competition is only open to Outdoor Bowls Clubs however with many outdoor bowlers moving indoor through the winter there are strong teams to play.

We had our first game on Sunday 18th January against Chandos Park and despite having a strong team ourselves, made up of many of our indoor bowlers, we got off to a dissappointing start losing on all 4 rinks. Our recent history in this competition has been dissappointing and hopes were high that this year we would fair a little better however Chandos Park were the better side on the day with the match ending in a 104 - 44 defeat for Hazells.

22nd February 2015 - Matchday 2 v Buckingham West End

This morning we faced Buckingham West End in the 2nd match in this years Slade Indoor Competition and following the heavy defeat in our last match we were hoping to get a better result today. Getting off to a terrible start Andrew, Roger & Gerry dropped 8 shots on the 1st end and a further 5 on the 3rd so on their  rink it was always going to be a game of catch up and with just 3 ends remaining they were 3 shots down and holding 4 with just 1 wood to go. Unfortunately the last wood from Buckingham came in to take shot and the hopes of a memorable win were gone, final score on rink 1 20-27.  On rink 2 Tony, George & Lionel also got off to a bad start and they soon found themselves 10 shots behind however a remarkable comeback saw them win 26-21. On rink 3 Brian, John & Thornley took control of their game from the start and never looked back, winning 19-15 and raising hopes that perhaps we would earn our first win at Slade in a long time. On rink 4 Mark, Eddie & Norman were involved in a tough match which aslo saw them fall behind by 10 shots by the midway stage however seeing the other rinks pulling their games back they didn't want to be the team to let the side down and ended up losing by just 2 shots 18-16. This meant that the match finished in a draw and gives us hope for the next match ina fortnight against Waddesdon.

8th March 2015 - Matchday 3 v Waddesdon.

With a rather depleted side we went to Slade with mixed emotions having earnt a draw in our last match but knowing that Waddesdon would prove stiff oppostition along wiith the fact that we had new indoor bowlers playing for us. Unfortunately it was to be another one of those days with Hazells losing on 3 of the 4 rinks and a final score of 90-43 to Waddesdon.

29th March 2015. The last game at Slade saw Hazells take on Stony Stratford and our run of dissappointment continued with another heavy defeat 84 - 49. Brian Abigail had our only winning rink once again winning 20-18 however our other rinks were not so close. The overall winner of this years competition was Chandos Park and our congratulations go out ot them.

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